Saturday, March 29, 2008

signs of spring are all around in our yard....this robin i assume,looking for bugs....
my tulips are up.....

and my hyacinths,they smell sooo good....

lilies,that are pink when they bloom...

and the best sign of spring this year,this little bundle born on the first day of spring....
jill and kaylie quinn

sweet sign of this baby girl....she was wide awake this afternoon when grandpa & i went to visit.

Friday, March 28, 2008

just want to share some more photos of our little sweet pea...i go to see her everyday and this is usually how i find her,on her boppy all snugly warm or in her mommy or daddy's arms. i've yet to see her stay awake longer than 10 minutes. she is such a good baby. she moves around and changes her position a bit but, once she is changed and has her bottle she is out! wish i could sleep like that! lol!

today, the same as yesterday(above) only different clothes and blanket,ahhh to be so content...

see she does move around, out came her feet from under the blanket and out of her sleep sack.cute piggies huh?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

kaylie went home yesterday afternoon after spending the first 6 days of her life in the nicu. we are so happy and thankful that everything turned out well. i'm so proud of these two. they love this little girl so much and it shows in everything they do. jim is a hands on daddy,feeding and changing his little girl and helping jill by going and getting groceries or whatever she needs. lots of daddy's do this i realize but, there are lots that don't, with that said, i'm so thankful.

my baby, holding her baby! just seems so surreal to me. she is so in love with her child ,i'm so overwhelmed with emotion when i look at this picture. i love it.....

have a nice day......

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i love a good mail day,don't you? i ordered these soy candles from and they smell wonderful! hope they burn as good as they smell. they are very reasonably priced so i thought i should give them a try. yesterday our neighbor brought over this beautiful easter lily for us from his church. he said they had some left over and he thought he would give some to his neighbor's. wasn't that nice of him? i think so,thanks paul!

and today is the big day,kaylie gets to go home! so happy for jill and jim. it's a whole new phase of their lives together. can't wait for her to be home so i can hold her without the worries of wires etc. and to take lots and lots of pictures of her! ;)

have a nice day!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

couldn't believe our luck when we got to the hospital yesterday,kaylie woke up shortly after we got there and she wanted to eat!! she definitely lets you know when she is hungry!;) she drank practically her whole bottle and gave two good burps and was back to sleep! love those sweet little cheeks! she actually had on a pink onesie.....nothing would disturb her after she had a full tummy and dry pants! not even me holding her like this!

or passing her to grandpa.....

such a precious baby girl.
have a nice day!

Monday, March 24, 2008

i have kinda felt like this little chicken,slightly(,well maybe a bit more than that,) frazzled,since the hospital put kaylie in the nicu...... but, today, when i went to see her she looked so much better. no blue light pad on her little back and nothing going into her iv,in that tiny little hand. everyday i see improvement in her and i'm so very thankful. she is the sweetest baby. her momma and daddy were with her when i got to the hospital yesterday and stayed for a bit and then i had her to myself for a good hour. just holding her and talking to her. i love how that felt. she took ahold of my finger and slept. words can not express how i feel about this darling baby.

her little cheeks are the best!;)

and of course when i was getting ready to leave and had her situated in her bed she opened her eyes! that pacifier is almost bigger than kaylie! she loves it! that just cracks me up!!

have a nice day!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

our sweet little kaylie is in the nicu of the hospital. she has an infection and has jaundice. she also had a fever but, that is now normal. she will have to be in the hospital until at least, wednesday and hopefully she will be ready to go home then. jill goes home today.
we went over to see her today and hold her and of course love her up. we also brought her an easter basket with a bunny and lavender scented baby goodies.the bunny was almost bigger than kaylie!

poor sweetie hooked up to a blue light for the jaundice,an iv in her tiny hand for antibiotics,her foot is bandaged cause that's where they draw blood from,it makes me feel bad for her but, she is not bothered by it. she is eating good and seems to be doing fine.

kaylie's easter basket.

hope everyone has a happy easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

here's more photos of our sweet,sweet,little kaylie. she is so adorable! we are so happy she is here. jill and kaylie....look at all her dark hair!
we are truly blessed to have her in our lives!
have a nice evening!

this sweet little bundle made her appearance into the world yesterday! she is truly a beautiful gift! the moment i saw her sweet little face i was overcome with joy! i can not explain how full my heart is right now! full of love for our daughter (who is our baby, now has her own baby) and jim, for bringing/giving us the chance to truly be apart of this little girl's life.and of course full of love for our new granddaughter. what a wonderful gift for all of us. my cup runneth over.......more later. i have to get ready and get going to the hospital! have a nice day! i know i will!! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

yesterday, while this little guy did this, i went into michael's in omaha just for something to do. normally, i don't just go for the sake of going, i usually have errands to do and specific things to get but, not today! high gas prices or not! i guess maybe it was meant to be because i found lots of goodies on sale for 40% off or more. i had seen this silk arrangement when i was there to use my gift certificate after christmas but, i didn't want to pay full price and use up most of the g.c. so i'm glad i waited cause it was 50% off! goes just perfect with our new paint color in our bedroom.

little mary englebreit garden flags were 6.99. loved this one, it's so springy. i love m.e.!

these pink fabric boxes are perfect for my scraproom to store goodies in,again they were 40% off!

and these little pink french chic boxes....

well, that trip cheered me up! :) lol! have a nice day! it's going to be in the high 50's today!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

did you watch "oprah" yesterday? i did and it was so moving. first she had simon cowell on and his new discovery,leona lewis,she is a fantastic singer,her voice is beautiful. check her out here: then oprah announced that simon was going to pay off this young couple from minnesota's mortgage to help them out since their little girl was diagnosed with cancer last month. the couple hasn't been able to work because they want to be with their daughter while she is going thru treatment.wonderful, just when i was feeling like this world is crazy at times and sad, this gave me a lift! loved it! ;) just reaffirms that we need to focus on the good even when there are so many terrible things going on. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!! I don't decorate for st.patty's,even tho iam part irish. i don't know why i don't......i do however decorate a little for easter. it's coming so fast this year,it seems.
i had these sticks so i painted them white and put the nest in between the branches. i love my vintage looking rabbit and chick. aren't they cute?

love this little bunny guy....

AND,i love this place and wish i was back there! hard to believe we have been home a week already. the weather here is cool,43 degrees,kind of rain,mixed with snow at times. could be worse i know,but,still.....ahhhhhhhh,hawaii.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

i just want to share with you what these two sweet friends of jill did for her yesterday! it was an over the top, wonderful baby shower! i just can't get over it! l-r,celia,jill and cheryl. a long table full of wonderful gifts for the baby....

a long table full of yummy food for the guests! celia and cheryl out did themselves. besides the great gift of a baby shower, they also showered jill with great gifts, and so did all the wonderful people that came! this little one won't need anything after yesterday! :)

l-r,jim's grandma and mom and jill.

jill and jim's cousin,ann.what a sweet girl she is!

jill's aunt terri and grandma and jill. we were so happy they made the trip for this fun event! thanks so much terri and mom! we love you! it meant alot that you were here. we missed our sweet blayne tho....

mom,terri &i.......

all in all it was another wonderful day!