Thursday, July 9, 2009

when i bought this

hydrangea plant it was blue.the last two summers it has been this lovely shade of lilac. is there something you put in the soil to change the color? i can't remember the name of what ever it is.... the roses are blooming finally. i think the guy that sprays the yard hit my roses bushes and kind of stunned them. glad they made it!
another barn photo from our drive on sunday. this is a small barn in comparison to the others i photographed. still trying to decide which one to use for my wall in the family room.

and last but certainly not least,jim& my sweet pea. jill sent this over the other day. now if i could just get one of k& her mama....

have a nice day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

hope your 4th of july

weekend was a good one. ours was kinda quiet....that's ok tho,no complaints here. i tried to finish up a few things around here. i hung these frames on the wall by the bookcase but, as i'm looking at it i think i need a bigger frame at the top. what do you think? changed the mantel a bit already....typical for me i know! ;0 i added the cloche and moved the white candle,that's all! :)
went for a drive in the country yesterday looking for old barns to photograph for my bare wall in the family room. we found some good ones....

saw my sweet pea on friday when we went over to jill&jim's so bud could finish up the floor project. she is a bundles of energy and of course a doll face! ;)

it's monday, so lots to do today! have a nice day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

more photos of our family room

the mantel is always hard for me for some reason. i kinda like this look,but, then i have a tendency to like a really"different" look. or maybe it isn't?? i didn't want to put these photos away so i cleaned off a shelf on the book case for them.....

my heart just melts when i look at her anyway but, this picture her mama sent this morning really sends me"over the edge" into a big puddle. in case you didn't understand the ramblings of a gramma,i'm head over heels in love with my darling grand baby, is what it meant!;) lol!

have a nice day!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my precious sweet pea

in her new home. her mama sent this to me yesterday.....missin my girl...... i can never get the photos in the right order!! oh well, the red family room is no more. the walls are a golden brown. warm and cozy,love it! i'm still not done with my decorating but, i want to take my time before i start putting new holes in my freshly painted walls.
i think it looks great with the trim and the freshly painted crisp white ceiling,which you can't see,but, you get the idea,right? ;)

here is the before,with the walls primed....

blech what a mess,but,it has to get worse before it gets better and it's much better now! yeah! gotta run,lots to do today! have a good one!

Monday, June 29, 2009

i guess i have been kinda

absent from my blog lately.hmmm things just get busy and by the time i think about blogging i usually am ready to hit the hay. anyway, just wanted to share some photos from over the weekend. here's my little bathing beauty after i brought her home yesterday. her mama&daddy got her the cutest swimming pool and she didn't even want to get in but she did get a few splashes her way! ;) here she is yesterday morning in her darling frilly little sundress.....
i love this sweet little face.....everytime i asked her if she was my girl or princess or sweet pea she would shake her head yes. not sure if she knew what i was saying but, i will take it that she did! ;)

a very short still minute saturday afternoon. she loves to be outside......

in her favorite spot on Saturday morning,by the window,isn't she adorable? :)

and for mr.c,the "non-believer" of the topsy-turvy,here you go and there are 4 more just like this one on the vine! i can taste the b-l-ts already!! ;)

have a nice evening!

Monday, June 22, 2009

what a great weekend

fun,family& friends!!! i even got to see this sweet face via my cell phone! her mama must have known i was missing her.... ;) got to see my sweet sissy,for a short visit. glad my little sweetie, blayne decided to
run the 5k race saturday morning in rr!that way we got to see them both but,missed seeing my sweet b-i-law bob tho....blayne did well in the race. look at her,she always has a smile for her auntie with the camera! she has it all figured out,even after running and it was hot, she smiled for me! love that! thanks honey,for "getting it"!

lots of memories this weekend too. had to drive by and take a photo of uncle charlie's barn.i always thought this was such a cool barn. it's in much need of paint these days, unfortunately, but you can still read the "vans" and that is part of the charm.

i was so happy to see dave& jo. so was my mom. lots of good and fun memories with these two and their folks. :) we had a nice visit with them at mom's house saturday afternoon. they look great don't they?

such a fun time. i'm tired today but, it's a good tired you know? loved the whole weekend!
have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a mish mash post

today....i painted this basket and put these flowers that i have had for several years in them and hung them on the front door. getting ready for the 4th of july,i used to have americana all over my family room and when i changed things out i hung on to some faves,so i could decorate for the 4th. glad i did! my mom made this little dress for me a(very)long time ago and it had chocolate ice cream all over it and she was not able to get it out. so it got packed away stains and all. well, the other day i was thinking how i would love to have my sweet pea's picture taken in this dress too and put both our photos in a frame together so i hauled the dress out of the cedar chest.i talked to my neighbor lady about the stain and she said try oxy clean and hot water,soak the dress over night as she had a similar experience with a coffee stained tablecloth that had belonged to her mother.

i thought why not,not really thinking the stains would come out but, they did!!!! i'm so pleased i can go on with my plan of kaylie in this dress! i can't wait....

these petunia's smell wonderful and come back every year even after we put plastic and rock down! the lady that lived here before us planted them!! that has been 12 years ago! amazing...

my tomato plant is growing and blooming like crazy in the topsy-turvy! vic, if you read this show it to your "non-believer"!!! ;)

told you this was gonna be a mish-mash post!
have a nice day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

anyone who knows my hubs

knows that he is very patriotic and knows the/his american flag. last night he had me come out and see his "decorating" of the fence. i guess this would not be my idea of decorating but, for him this is a way of celebrating flag day today!!a local little shop celebrates the seasons and holidays and this year they were open on sunday so we took a drive over to check it out.... stuff like this is my way of decorating for flag day and the 4th of july. they had lots of great stuff left even tho it was their last day of the sale. got this sweet velvet america pillow....
don't you love cool "packaging" loved this necklace with the ford motorcraft price tag.

l-r,a sweet little tray set with numbers 1-4 on them,little watermelon on top of a vintage carpenter's tape measure,photo holders out of wooden dominoes,a typeset "s" under the cloche.

i loved this tray with the birds nest,

and matching plates.....all so reasonably priced. it was so fun to look around,i was the only one there, when usually you have to fight your way thru the tiny quaint shop. as we were leaving more shoppers came so we timed it just right!

have a nice day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

is this the cutest little face or what?

love this baby girl.she is such a sweet pea...and no,i'm not biased at all! ;) the kid's are moving into a house that jim owned before he and jill married and needless to say the woman who rented from him did NOT take care of the house at all! it has lots of potential tho,it can be soo cute! jill has selected some nice soft colors for the walls and it's getting cleaned and cleaned so it's on the way to being their new home.
we helped them a bit today and they feed us a nice lunch. below is my sweetie looking at me in the closet door....

such a sweet pea.....

have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it's a rainy

overcast day and not much going on. just thought i would share a couple of pictures of my flowers.this is my only delphinium plant that made it thru the's blooming so pretty right now. we had to use to stakes to hold up all the blooms. and the peonies are gorgeous too. full and heavy with blooms. the rain overnight kind of has them hanging on the ground this morning but, hopefully the sun will appear and lift them up.
have a nice day!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


last night was amazing. vic and i went to the "waiting room" to hear roger clyne and the peacemakers and it was such a fun time. these guys are amazing! they put their all into their performance that is for sure! awesome!! the crowd was insane! rc&the pm's have a great fan base that's for sure.

roger clyne loves what he does for a living,it was so obvious....

the one and only rc!! :)

the tour bus in front of the waiting room is the only decent photo i got last night! the above photos are what vic caught with her camera.thank-goodness she shared with me and now you too! ;) thanks vic!

have a nice day! i know i will,relivin last night! ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

look at this sweet

/sad little face....just melts my heart.....she wanted to get on the couch with her mama and mama said no,cause she doesn't want her to fall and get hurt. this photo just gets to me,right in the heart! ;) my sweet pea and her little pal c. he was trying to keep kaylie from playing with his cute....

but,here she is having it all to herself! how cute is that?

here she is very intent on putting the plastic egg back together! all the photos of my sweet pea were taken by her mama. thanks for sharing them jill.

j and carter came over for a visit yesterday afternoon.

and last but, not least, in ten hours,roger clyne and the peacemakers are in concert in omaha and vic and i will be there!!hopefully right up front! can't will be a great time i'm sure!

have a nice day!