Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my precious sweet pea

in her new home. her mama sent this to me yesterday.....missin my girl...... i can never get the photos in the right order!! oh well, the red family room is no more. the walls are a golden brown. warm and cozy,love it! i'm still not done with my decorating but, i want to take my time before i start putting new holes in my freshly painted walls.
i think it looks great with the trim and the freshly painted crisp white ceiling,which you can't see,but, you get the idea,right? ;)

here is the before,with the walls primed....

blech what a mess,but,it has to get worse before it gets better and it's much better now! yeah! gotta run,lots to do today! have a good one!

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Vicki C said...

It's always a mess when painting is going on .. I know.. but it's just feels to good to have nice freshly painted walls. The color is yummy!