Thursday, August 28, 2008

trying to get

all my photos somewhat organized,so that i can just open this pretty box and they will be at my fingertips instead of in the envelopes above that are now in the garbage. much easier and better! i still have a not very eye pleasing scrap space but, hopefully i will get that changed around soon! not holding my breath tho....i wish the computer and all my stuff was upstairs so i had some great natural light,more than i have in the basement would be great! i have windows but, they are small....i love to look outside and it's not happening downstairs. maybe someday....

my sweet pea is growing so fast, she is five months old now! look at her playing on the floor with her this baby girl.....

have a nice day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

good monday morning

it was a quiet productive weekend around here. lots of outside work got done like trimming trees and bushes and weeding. when that was done bud decided to start making his little princess a rocking chair. he found a pattern somewhere,i don't remember and started cutting it out. and this is the result...he plans on painting it white and putting kaylie's name on the back in small stenciled letters with a couple of flowers on either side of her name. his idea,not mine. except for painting it white,he was going to paint it lavender/purple. blech,i talked him out of that,now it just will be her name in lavender! thank-goodness!
our little sweet pea taken yesterday by her mom. she is really into her tongue! cutie pie!
cully was totally exhausted after "helping" with all the day's activities!lol!

have a nice day!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

quiet weekend

but, i think next weekend this little princess will be here. i'm hoping anyway.... got this great ribbon and fun papers at archiver's monday when i was with vic and cat. they are gorgeous. i really need more paper like a hole in the head but, yes i'm weak and had to have it!

these have kaylie "written" all over them so i need to get busy and start scrapping! easier said than done!;)
have a nice weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i love vintage buttons

and when i heard/found out about meg, and her beautiful button bokays well, i was a bit giddy! i got this mother of pearl bokay yesterday. i had the vase and just took the red button off and put one of my own m-o-p buttons on instead. i love it! i like the way this little vignette looks....what do you think?
speaking of vignettes,that is the name of this store in the old market. we didn't make it in there on monday but, it's something to look forward to doing soon. looks awesome from the outside....
love these three lights in a store in the old market...
this old telephone booth is such an eye catcher. it is at spaghetti works.....

have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

such a fun day

spent with cat and vic in omaha yesterday! the old market is so quaint and beautiful! lots of great photo opps down there! plants everywhere,very lush and green...
loved this sweet potato vine just hanging there at the very top row of windows..... so vintage and cool....
i thought this was so pretty and different.
it was a beautiful day and alot of fun!

Monday, August 18, 2008

good monday morning

just a quick post for right now. i will be heading to omaha with cat and vic this morning for a fun outing to the old market. so i just thought i would share this sweet photo of jim playing his guitar for his little dolly. she was a bit cranky yesterday and this seemed to soothe her for a bit. my treasures from cat! beautiful sea glass from maine and a close-up of the piece of art she made and my book by her. makes me smile!!
more later,have a nice day!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

what a wonderful time

everyone had at vic's yesterday! so nice,vic's house and the table were beautiful! the food was awesome and i have to say vic knows how to throw a party! she had some help from her sweet sis jan too with the food. yum-o! thanks so much vic for a great time! i got to see sweet neely and visit with her. she is such a darling girl and so nice,just like her mom and her auntie!

i was so thrilled to meet cat! she is one talented lady! i was a regular "groupie" and had her sign my/her book! what a nice person and so easy to talk to. it was fun!

cat made everyone a piece of art. she had them all wrapped in actual pattern pieces! my piece of art is the one in the very right corner. love it! thanks a million cat! ;)
what a nice weekend i'm having,we are s going over to see our sweet pea today so i will have new photos of her for you all tomorrow!

have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

look how pretty

the white hydrangea bush is in our back yard. it's just heavy with blooms~~ have you ever gone to etsy and purchased any hand/home made items? it is just a great site for just about anything you can ever want! i got this purse from there and look it sorta matches the lamp in our livingroom! no, i did not plan that!lol!
been on a cleaning&rearranging mission this week. i put this on the floor in the livingroom to hid the tv cord! i just don't like looking at cords & plug ins so i try to find ways to hide that kind of stuff.
and last but, not least, jill sent us this photo last night of our little sweet pea being crabby! that's what her mommy said anyway! i still think she is darling even if she does have a crabby look on her sweet little face! ;)
have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

missing my sweet pea

and hoping we get to see her this weekend. she is changing so fast,i'm afraid i might miss something!;) i need to try and get over that a bit but, all the stuff with missing out with carter gets in the way.... yesterday when i was grocery shopping i found these white nectarines so i grabbed a few. they are so good! i had never had them before.
poor cully is all mixed up since we changed the furniture around in the family room. he always laid in the recliner before but, now seems to like the couch....poor pup! ;)
have a nice day!

Monday, August 11, 2008

how was your weekend?

ours was a very productive/nice weekend. we spent $$$$ on a kirby vac a year or so ago and you know it has all these attachments for household "chores"! sooo we decided that our family room carpet needed to be cleaned and it did! yuk! so here is bud, cleaning the carpet!! he is really good about stuff like that. i'm sure part of it is to get me to stop talking about it but, what ever works right? our j and carter stopped over for a visit. i can't believe how much carter has grown,but, i guess when you don't get to see him very often that's what happens! makes this gramma so sad not to see him and also what his poor dad goes thru all the time with the situation. ok not going there,so anyway carter will be in first grade this fall. time just flies! me and carter....
redid these shelves in the livingroom, waiting for the carpet to dry in the cross i got for $3.00 at michael's when i went in to omaha with vic. love a good buy! ;)

my new clock i got at hob lob for $11.00! not bad huh? it had been $38.00! again love a good deal! this "$100.00 "bill was laying in the parking lot by vic's car when we came out from eating lunch! to bad it wasn't the real thing huh? i love roses and these were so beautiful. stopped at sam's and it was crazy beautiful with flowers! wow! close up of the cross. green and brown,perfect for the!
have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my neighbor lady

gave me some very tarty green apples.she said they really were not good for just eating and she was right so i baked an apple crisp this afternoon,since it was a bit cooler. didn't turn out too bad, i thought it probably could have used more sugar but, bud thought it was good??
our spare bedrooms are in need of some cleaning out and simplifying. too much furniture for the space so this dresser is going over to jill&jim's. they need more drawer space. oh this is a little blurry but, this dresser is also going to the kid's house. i'm really going to purge and get rid of lots and replace with the minimum. probably just a stand of sorts in the south room with maybe a new shelf on the wall and the room my mom always sleeps in when she is here just a small chest and maybe a small mirror. we'll see i have to think about this some more.
and of course, my sweet pea (in her brown&pink onesie). love this baby girl you know! ;) you would have never guessed that right? lol
have a nice evening!

Monday, August 4, 2008

we had such a nice weekend

cause our little sweet pea was here for an overnight stay saturday! she is going thru a scared phase right now but, once she decided everything was okay she smiled,all the time. she is so expressive,she is "talking"/cooing away to me in this photo. i just love her little cheeks! very smoocable don't you think?;)
cully just needed to be where kaylie was,not too close usually but, close sweet... and he was so exhaustedafter the kids picked kaylie up he just layed down next to bud in the chair and didn't move! poor pup was wore out!