Tuesday, September 30, 2008

just a bit of this and that

i went out and cut a hydrangea bloom to put under this cloche. i can't believe how pretty they still are. funny how something so simple can bring such pleasure!! just another little video of my sweet pea,taken last night.seems she was feeling better and hopefully even more so today! have a nice day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

went over to see my girls

today. kaylie had her shots on thursday and hasn't been feeling well so i went over to help jill with her and give her a bit of a break. she still isn't 100% but, feeling better. her she is doing baby-crunches,as her mommy calls them!lol! you can see the circles under her eyes,she hasn't been sleeping well.
such a precious little girl.....
and look at her almost sitting up by herself. she is just 6 months as of saturday.she is a determined little girl....she tries this all the time!
better run and make some supper. have a nice evening.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

sweet pea is waving to say hi

or so i'd like to think! probably more along the line of trying to grab at the camera but, that's okay too! went in to t.j. maxx today and they were remodeling in there and it was a mess but, i did manage to find a couple of things i needed to bring home with me. this sweet little pitcher.....
and this cute enamel bucket. made my day!
this window has been naked for awhile now.i had photos in it first and i had such a time with getting them in there straight etc. i don't know why unless, it's trying to attach them from back to front and it's a bigger window and my arms don't reach around very well??hmmm, that sounds about right,so i had this vintage lace and attached it and i like the way it looks(for now anyway) ;)

have a nice day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

looks like my sweet pea

has more mixed veggies on her face and bib than in her! her mommy said this was the first time she had them so she doesn't look to worse for the experience.she hopefully likes them! love that sweet little (clean) face. the messy one too! :)
i don't know who these people are but, i have always admired their lovely yard. everything always looks so perfect when you walk or drive by. i hope someday we have the ambition and the time to have a beautiful yard. oh ours is ok but, faaar from this beauty. they're back!!!!!! yeah,,honeycrisp apples are in the store here now. i LOVE these apples! yum! go get yourself some, you won't be sorry! :)
have a nice day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the leaves are turning

and the calendar says it's fall but, the temps. have been warm for this time of year. mostly in the 80's this week and last week. enjoying it while we can cause it's going to be more fall like next week.
the mums at the grocery store were hard to resist they always put them right by the front door so they are hard to miss and resist!

my little sweet pea,when she was here for a visit.
have a ice day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

well it's finally working,

blogger that is!! been having lots of problems trying to log on,comment on other blogs etc. hopefully,the glitches are ironed out. this is my little black metal holder i got awhile back over at the whistle stop. i just decided to keep it simple and put this one small vase in it. it is sits on the bookcase but, there was better light on the table this morning. my little princess,last week when she was here for a visit. i miss her so much....
and so does poor little cully. everyday he goes into the room where she slept to check and see if she possible is still here! when i watch the video of her talking he perks up and looks around in hopes too.... i know we are pathetic,but, that's the way it is. love that baby girl! :)

have a nice day!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"my grandma had the camera in my face

the whole time i was here for a visit. she took sooo many photos of me,i'm surprised i didn't start crying when she got it out toward the end of my visit!!" cully and kaylie just hanging out. where ever kaylie was,cully thought he needed to be there too.
close but, not to close.....
this little outfit had bees all over it and i love the color on her.
how cute are these bunny slippers? she didn't keep them on for long.kicked them right off....
this is the finished little rocker that grandpa bud made for kaylie. it went home with her today.
i'm a good kind of tired tonight.it was a fun couple of days but, i can tell i'm not used to having a little one around anymore!
have a nice evening!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

guess who is

coming for a visit? yep, my sweet pea is coming over this afternoon to stay with us for a couple of days1 i can't wait!! be prepared for lots of photos of our little princess! :)

here is my little princess

sitting in her bouncy seat.she's checking out her bunny slippers.i can't get over how well she sits up and she isn't even six months old yet. i realize she is strapped in her seat and all so i'm sure that helps alot. when i went to flower village they had these darling candy corn candle rings,so i "needed" one of those. :)
also got this cloche and stand. love cloches,obviously,since i seem to buy one every place i go!! i think i might have enough now unless i find some small ones then,i don't have enough!

have a nice day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

this past wekend was

my nephew logan's confirmation. i went to my mom's to spend some time with her and then we drove to minnesota on sunday for the confirmation. below is my brother dan and logan. me and my sweet nephew. he is such a nice young man.this auntie was very proud and blessed to be asked to be his sponsor.
of course a visit home had to include flower village,i used to work there. i walked in and this is what i saw. it was beautiful!! the fall colors were awesome and i just was overwhelmed! i didn't know which way to turn so i could take it all in!
it was hard to be good but i was. i didn't buy too much!
have a nice evening!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i just want to share with you

the "mountains" of nebraska! lol no not really,this was the scence on the way into omaha today. looks just like real mountains but, it was just a cloudy,rainy,overcast day! my sweet little gift that vic brought back from vancouver's chinatown. thanks vic!
and i also want to share this very sweet video of my sweet pea having a talk with her toys.

have a nice evening!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

fall is in the air

cully wants to snuggle in this blanket with me in the mornings now that it is cooler. 45 when i got up this morning! seems a bit early but, that's ok. i have been trying to use different settings on my camera and cully is my only somewhat "willing" subject around here! he actually growled at me a little when i was taking his photo! funny....
this cloche didn't mind a bit as i snapped away!
my little sweet pea making a face and just scratching away on the arm of the couch. i think she liked the sound she was making.
well this was a mish-mash post huh?

have a nice day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

sweet pea was here

for a visit along with her mom&dad too! :) she is changing so fast. look at her looking at cully on the floor and holding herself up with her arm! she is only five months.... she didn't cry at all when we picked her up. her grandpa was especially happy about that since she always broke out in tears when he got close. it was just a phase, i think/hope. the only time she cried is when cully let out a loud bark. that scared her,makes us jump too!
kaylie and her daddy. i'm proud of jim that he is such a hands on good daddy. i know i've said that before but, he really is. i guess i wasn't used to that, as bud was not so much a hands on dad,(you know the kind,no diaper changing,wiping up puke etc.)a good dad,but, just didn't do all the things dad's do these days. makes me happy for jill....

kaylie was interested in cully,as long as he was quiet! :) have a nice day!

Friday, September 5, 2008

i went to the "whistle stop"

yesterday for their fall open house. it was such a pretty day for it,i'm glad i went because today is cooler and overcast. these pretty yellow flowers were along the road to the ws. huge groups of them.... isn't this just the cutest place? they have painted it now,it used to be white when i first started going there. i do wish they had a bigger place but, i suppose that would take away from it's charm. lots of ladies were there grabbing the treasures up.
everything is set up so cute,inside and out.
so simple but, so cool...
these are the few things i picked up. i have alot of fall and halloween stuff so i got this stuff for more all year use,except for the brownish pumpkin.

well, i better run my sweet pea and her mommy are coming for a visit this afternoon. :) have a nice day!