Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i really think

cully missed kaylie yesterday. all he did was lay around and mope,except, when he was under my feet, all day! poor thing.....he just was so curious about her,just like the last time she stayed with us. this little sweet pea smiles, and it's not gas! she is just a happy baby! sorry, it's kind of a blurry photo but, i got all excited when i saw her smiling away so i didn't take time to really focus the camera!
got this sweet little blackboard plate in the mail from laurie, over at charming designs,it's perfect for my kitchen! i love it!

yesterday i painted this lamp,it had been black and i wanted to set it on my chest of drawers sooo i got out the trusty spray paint and changed it! i really like the way it looks, so i think i'll leave this for awhile!;) no promises tho,you know me.....
ahhh the sun is shinning and it's going to be a beautiful day! enjoy!

Monday, April 28, 2008

guess who

was here for an overnight visit? yep, my little sweet pea, kaylie! i was so excited to see her and have her all to myself,well sorta,had to share with grandpa and cully too but, you know what i mean....she is looking alot like her momma did these days.... my baby,jilly and her baby....i just can't get over it still and kaylie is five weeks old! i'm sure it will sink in eventually. it's so amazing to me and heart warming how much she loves this baby and is such a good mommy.
my sweet pea.....she just wanted to chat i know she did,look at her expression. i know,silly gramma... ;)
the cardinals around our yard are amazing and so pretty.

one of my grain/feed sack pillows.... ok that was a mish-mash of stuff huh? what was your weekend like? hope it was a good one!
have a nice day!

Friday, April 25, 2008

spring beauty

is everywhere....i took these photos yesterday before it rained and really cooled off. glad i did. it is really chilly today.
hope we don't get any bad weather to ruin all this!
this is my birdcage that i did up. i'm not sure i like it much but, it's ok for now i guess. knowing me i will have to re-do it a bit. :)

wish i had some new pictures of kaylie to share but, i don't for now. hopefully tomorrow i will be babysitting her and then look out! :)
have a nice day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i'm always.....

moving stuff around in my house. do you do that? seasonally or just once in awhile? i do it all of the time and i have been this way for years. i know i touched on this the other day too but, i can't help it, it's so much fun. anyway, i put my chippy green gate behind kaylie's picture on the bookcase and i like it there(for now!). i moved this small globe to this shelf from the bookcase and i put

my vintage cameras in the bookcase. i like it(again,just for now)!

it's such a beautiful day i took cully for a long walk and he is worn out. he went under the table and was there for quite a while! he is now in bud's chair. poor little guy! ;)
get out and enjoy the beautiful day if you can!

Monday, April 21, 2008

i went to one of my favorite places today and found some great treasures. i think they're great anyway... :) l-r~wooden grate,with the green chippy paint,i know,what is she going to do with that?? well, i'm not sure yet but it was a must have cause it seemed a bit unique.green wood,trim piece,from what?i wonder.this little screen is expandable and in mint condition so i knew i had to get it and last but, not least another white frame.i am hooked on white frames.....
i drove around for a bit and snapped some pictures.
i love numbers and these above a doorway( in our town) to a sadly beautiful empty building are so cool. it's so great on the inside of this building. it used to be a restaurant for awhile but, sadly it closed and now sits empty. such a waste....

love these trees,magnolia trees i think. they are just starting to bloom.i love spring don't you?

have a nice evening!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

adirondack chairs all washed off and ready for some enjoyable sitting outside. they are looking a bit chippy paint wise but, that's ok,we like them like that! these have made the rounds with several diffrent coats of paint over the years but, i still like the white paint the best.

i got some vintage grain and flour sacks awhile back and thought now why did i buy those, after i got them home? well, this is one reason why,i plan on stuffing this one for our bench. that should be comfy don't you think?
jarrod and bud put the gazebo together this morning,not in time for coffee,besides it was a bit too chilly,but, it's ready to go for tomorrow morning. ;)

and the best part of a beautiful spring day,if you have to work,is fresh smelling sheets from the clothesline! ahhhhhh,what more could one ask for? :)

have a nice day,i'm going back out to read my book!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

missing my little sweet pea......so i just go look at my frig door or at the photo on the bookcase or my 2 photo books full of pictures. i never thought i would be one "of those" grandmas but, i am! love that little girl SO much. today is rainy and very overcast so it's hard to see my lampshade that i re-furbished. it's from my americana decorating days but, i still like it enough to not want to get rid of it cause i like the way the light shines thru the holes in it,so i painted it. i just slapped 4 different color paints on it,whipping them off til they were almost dry and then adding another color. i just used the cheap paints you can get at wal-mart,michael's,places like that.i will take a better photo on a sunshiney day so you can see how it turned out a bit better.

this is my kitchen counter!!blech!!!!! i can not decide if it's a cold or allergies or maybe it's both but,i'm fighting it,what ever it is, all the way. i do not want it to be like what my friend vic had,poor girl, she was soo sick with the cold bug and even bud had a cold for a too long of a time!yuk! so i'm on a germ mission today wiping off doors and everything i can with clorax wipes. i have been doing it all along but, it's intense now~lol!
have a nice day

Monday, April 14, 2008

i can't wait to get started on altering this bird cage i got over the weekend. i've got a pretty good idea on what i plan on doing with it ,unless i change my mind which could happen. i'll show you later what i did with this... signs of spring have been everywhere just not in the temperature, aren't these pretty? they smell so good!

went to see kaylie yesterday and she did sleep the whole entire time we were there.

i thought there was some glimmer of hope when she sort of opened her eyes but, no....

right back to snoozing away. what a little sweet pea.

have a nice day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

little sweet pea,kaylie after her bath today. her mommy took this photo with her cell phone so it's a bit grainy,but, you get the idea of how very sweet she is right? ;)
i could have sworn it was spring.... hmmm it's a blustery,cold day so i figured it was a good day to stay home(pretty much) and re-do. brought in my little dresser that i got the other day when vic,vickichrisman.blogspot.com. sorry that photo is kinda blurry.......

i might paint a lamp that i have and put that on the dresser but, for now this will do.

this is the frame i got tuesday and i just had it propped up on the table and vic suggested hanging it with some ribbon from the railing. i like it!thanks vic!

have a nice day and stay warm!

is this the sweetest little pincushion? it is! it was made by laurie at:lauriescharmingdesigns.blogspot.com. she is very talented gal and i love her stuff.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

since yesterday was a fairly nice sunshiny day vic and i decided on a short road trip. good thing we went cause, today it's raining like crazy!anywho, i think i got the deal of the day with this little white dresser,it was only $30 dollars and it's solid and sturdy! yeah, i have been looking for a dresser like this for quite awhile now. i guess the old saying,"good things come to those who wait" is true! :)
i also found this cool old white picture frame.now, to figure out where to put it but, i have all day cause the weather isn't going to allow for anything nice,like being outdoors so....i love doing vignettes so no problem. sorry about the vent and the cords in the picture but, i needed some good light. guess i could have gone outside to take the picture tho....duh! oh well at least you get the idea.
we also stopped at precious treasures a very cool scrapbook store in gretna. all in all a very fun day spent with vic. what more could you ask for!

have a nice day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

those of you who read my blog,hope your not getting tired of baby photos and if you are sorry but, this is what it's all about!!;) jill and kaylie snuggling when jill came to pick her up on saturday afternoon....
look how kaylie seems to follow me with her eyes. this baby is alert i tell you....

and with her seahorse that we got her.it plays oceans sounds and lullaby's. it's so sweet and kaylie loves it!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

i'm soo tired tonight and so happy. our sweet little kaylie stayed overnight with us last night! she was/is such a good baby. she was up every 2-3 hours for a bottle and a diaper change but, went right back off to sleep.i didn't sleep well,you know,always listening for her just in case.i guess that's something we moms/grammas are born with. it was so worth it. her mommy came and got her this noon and i miss her already. cully was jealous but, yet he needed to be right where kaylie was at,at all times! it was so cute the way he sniffed her and would cry when we kept him away from her....

love those sweet little kissable cheeks! and trust me they got plenty of kisses! ;)

soon this room will be a different color. it's been red for 10 years and although i still love red,it's time for a wall color change. i've got it 99.8% decided on a new lighter color. more to come on this later.

it will be a color to match the furniture cause that will stay. have to go and get my p.j.s on it's almost time for me to hit the hay! ;) i'm a good tired out.....


Thursday, April 3, 2008

yesterday jill & kaylie came over and cully went a little bonkers when he saw this little bundle. he ran around jill in circles,repeatedly! jill set the infant seat down in the chair and i picked kaylie up & he tried so hard to see what was in the blankets and wasn't satisfied until he was on my lap too! he sniffed and sniffed her,gave her ear and the top of her little head a quick "kiss" before he jumped in the chair with us. he kept turning around and sniffing but, stopped long enough to "pose" for the camera!LOL! he could have been a bit jealous i guess....he was calm as long as he was very close by! it was pretty funny...have a nice day!