Friday, December 28, 2007

today was a fun day!! it felt so good to get out in the sunshine even tho it was a bit chilly. vic, and i went here to check out the goodies. we each found some treasures that we couldn't live without of course! aren't these pink star glasses cute? i also found this sweet little divided dish and the brown polka dot bowl. love it all!

i also got this pretty tablecloth with six napkins and a blue quilted dresser box, just like the one my mom has had in her dresser drawer for years! also found a wire pool basket and this cute little red and white "hanky."

such fun time spent with such a good friend! who could ask for more right?
have a nice evening!

Monday, December 17, 2007

what a weekend!! christmas at my mom's in iowa was this weekend and the whole family was there which was wonderful in itself but, then i spied my sweet girl's hand shortly after she and jim arrived and i know my mouth fell open and my eyes got huge and i looked at jill and she said"yes, it's what you think it is"!!!!!!!!!! so happy, to see my girl sooo happy and her life going in a wonderful direction in many ways! words cannot express all i feel in my heart right now, the holiday season is here,my family, all of them are healthy and happy, and so much to look forward to in the new year! life is good and i feel so blessed to have wonderful family and friends in my life. my sweet sissy and her wonderful family....

my dear brother and his precious kids....

and my sweet carter after a big day at great grandma's......

have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i have to admit that i have a huge "weakness" for books of all kinds!! i just got this book in the mail. i have another of mary carol garrity's books and i love it. i think this is a winner too!!
just re-did the dinning room table a bit and put the snowflake that i had in the window on the chandelier. i kept knocking it out of the window when i opened the curtains so thought this would be better.

have a nice day!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

looky what finally came in the mail.....this a beautiful book, by the very talented, catherine matthews-scanlon. it is full of wonderful projects and very informative. i love it! it is so worth the long wait i had to endure! ;) you should check it out for sure!
pretty pretty projects!! just full of eye candy!!!

this is my beautiful and simple "fontanini" nativity set that i got while we were in rome,italy. the lovely lady at the store wrapped it so well, for me but, i still carried it onto the plane with me. i was worried it would get broken on the long trip home. we all know how our luggage can be handled, so i didn't want to risk it. i had wanted a true fontanini nativity set for years but,they were very expensive here in the states. this one was half the price in rome, as opposed to here at home. needless to say i was thrilled. our mantle this year was some what inspired by and one of the several holiday magazines that i have and i can't remember which one. very simple....

snow,snow, snow today maybe 3-4 inches on the ground now. looks so pretty and white.

a little christmas blingy flower hanging by my kitchen window.

have a nice evening!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

just thought i would share some holiday decorating photos from around the house...this wooden bowl has ornaments in it that came from my mom and various other places.this is on the dinning room table......." mr.klaus" came from the huge craft show in omaha eight years ago. he was made in duluth,mn. by a gal named mona rae. the buttons on his coat came from germany, the fabric of his coat is from texas, his beard from iowa,the tree in his hand california and the base he is on is from wisconsin. i thought it was kinda cool that she included all this info with him.

this egg nog set reminds me of christmas at the farm with my grandpa and grandma quinn. i guess it was tradition to make homemade tom & jerry batter and i think eggnog too. i was to young to have t&j's but, i love eggnog!

sweet little wooden snowflake in the window,sounds like a few of the real ones will be on the ground tomorrow! 3-5 inches of them according to my hubby the weather man! ;)

have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i went christmas shopping today and as i was browsing the wonderful aisles of target i came across this cute little woolrich kerchief for my cully! hope, uncle bobby v. likes it! just a little inside joke there,sorry.;) cully doesn't mind it at all. his tags make his fur black, i hate that since his fur is so white so, we will leave this on him while he's in the house at least. i saw this tree and just "had" to have it. i think it's so cool. i love it. i'll put some greenery along side of it.

i have all of my shopping done!!!! i can't believe it! this is good, in fact very good for me!! i'm usually scrambling a bit later in the month than this!!! what a relief!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

'tis the season to clean out and give away,my too big collection of holiday decorations!! i went thru all the boxes and bins and had the back of my car full plus a few things on the back seat! it feels soo good to have everything all cleaned out,at least the fall and christmas things and hopefully someones else or lots of someone else's will get some enjoyment from them! just a few of the things i did keep....

love this "snowangel" on the hearth....

the wings are real feathers! :)

have a nice evening!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

well, this is what we woke up to this morning,ice,nasty terrible ice!! lots of it too! ahhh winter in the midwest! gotta love it! we must & do cause we stay here! lol! ;) i just hope we don't loose power. our lines aren't buried here like they were in our hometown so when we get this stuff it's always a sort of a concern.

have you ever shopped at ? well, you should, sara has the coolest stuff! i just made a small order of this white tin measuring cup

and this cute little bag came pretty quickly and i'm sure i will order from sara again. she has some reallyunique/ cool stuff in her store. you should go and check it out right now! ;)

have a nice day! stay safe if you are in the wintry weather area mess!!