Saturday, May 30, 2009


last night was amazing. vic and i went to the "waiting room" to hear roger clyne and the peacemakers and it was such a fun time. these guys are amazing! they put their all into their performance that is for sure! awesome!! the crowd was insane! rc&the pm's have a great fan base that's for sure.

roger clyne loves what he does for a living,it was so obvious....

the one and only rc!! :)

the tour bus in front of the waiting room is the only decent photo i got last night! the above photos are what vic caught with her camera.thank-goodness she shared with me and now you too! ;) thanks vic!

have a nice day! i know i will,relivin last night! ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

look at this sweet

/sad little face....just melts my heart.....she wanted to get on the couch with her mama and mama said no,cause she doesn't want her to fall and get hurt. this photo just gets to me,right in the heart! ;) my sweet pea and her little pal c. he was trying to keep kaylie from playing with his cute....

but,here she is having it all to herself! how cute is that?

here she is very intent on putting the plastic egg back together! all the photos of my sweet pea were taken by her mama. thanks for sharing them jill.

j and carter came over for a visit yesterday afternoon.

and last but, not least, in ten hours,roger clyne and the peacemakers are in concert in omaha and vic and i will be there!!hopefully right up front! can't will be a great time i'm sure!

have a nice day!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

went to hobby lobby

over the holiday weekend in search of something fun for our patio area....this is what i came up with,i wanted some smaller gazing ball or i don't know just something and this is all i found that peaked my interest. some of the stuff is a bit cheesy for me....i know i'm rather picky so anyway this is what i came up with and it was only $5.00 on sale so not bad i'm happy with it!

i've had this galvanized pail in the garage for a while now and decided to do something with it

and this is what i came up with. "treasures" with numbers on them are seeming to be pretty popular right now so it looked on the internet for free downloads of numbers and decided on the number 5 for the little bucket. i kinda like it. it's not perfect by a long shot but, that's ok too.

have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

loook at this!!!!

almost full to the top,of those dreadful helicopter things from the neighbor's tree!! i just got this from our patio area! and this is what cully ate that made him sick! WOW!! on a happier note,my new little treasure from one of my favorite shops. they call it a cornucopia vase.
i also got a matching lamp shade for the small lamp on the mantel. i must admit i'm getting a bit tired of the red,red everything that i have. time for a change. bud didn't get around to painting the (yes,red) walls in the family room this holiday weekend as he did something to his back! ;(

i like somethings to match i guess more than i want to admit,most of the time!

my sweet pea's mama sent this photo of her getting her feet in the water at the local it!!

my doll face in her black and white this baby girl....

have a nice day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

this little guy was not feeling

well at all yesterday! i stayed home with him and missed out on the artsy girls get together at vic's cause he was just so not himself. then around supper time he started feeling some better as he (sorry in advance here) got rid of the nasty things he can see them in the bottom right corner of this photo. he ate some of them and they proceeded to make him sick. they are everywhere on the patio,so guess what i plan on doing today? yep major"airplane" clean up!! he is feeling lots better this morning,thank goodness. my iris' are just gorgeous this morning.....

on a different note,a little something from both of my grandmother's on the kitchen it!!

have a nice day! no wind,yeah!

Monday, May 18, 2009

our sweet pea

was here for the weekend. she is such a happy little girl. she loves to be she is dancing to a song on the radio....
then off she went to run around the gazebo and chase after cully.
she loves the wind chime and is quite intrigued by the loud noise it makes.

love this little face.....

checking out my flowers. she only touched them and then took off again....

such a happy little peanut. LOVE this baby girl.....she is a joy!

have a nice day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

hobby lobby is a fun

place to shop. i got this glass cloche when i stayed with my sis. don't know what i'm going to put in it,but, i like the way it looks empty so i might leave it that way. i also got this cross and it is meant for the garden but, i hung it by the patio door....
this little guy has been my shadow ever since i came home monday!! i can not move and he is just right there! i suppose he will be keeping his distance this afternoon as my sweet pea is coming to stay for the weekend! a bit jealous,he is....

it's a topsy turvy!! mom and i are tryin this baby out this season. we are going to get tons of tomatoes(right?)!! that's what the advertisement says,hopefully they are not blowing smoke!lol! we shall see....

have a nice day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i love this wreath

but, j calls it the eye-poker....i had it hanging in the garage and every time he would walk by he would "get" part of the wreath,so i moved it to the patio area and i guess it's still a problem for him. oh well,works for me ! :) this is my peppermint geranium that i got while i was visiting my mom. i think it is so pretty. i had it hanging but, you know me i changed my mind and put it in this basket that my childhood neighbor made for me.

pretty little daisy...

hmmm can't remember what this is called but, i really like it and think it looks old-fashioned.

the very faded tin flag and my new hanging plant....

better view of the plant. no clue what these flowers are called as there was no tag with it only the instructions about it's care.?any clue what the plants are?

so in the end i think the patio area is ready for us to enjoy.unless i find something else that catches my eye! ;)
have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

meet little

miss molly.isn't she just a cutie? she had her own chair to sit on when we had a snack at my aunt and uncle's house on friday. this is the new school in my home town.
my mom had her kitchen painted and this is one of the walls. it looks so nice and fresh!

j and sweet ruthie came over yesterday and brought a subway lunch. we decided to eat outside in the gazebo. that was nice. i wanted to get a photo but, it was so overcast that they didn't turn out! :( in between rain showers i did get some flowers planted so that's good. today i have to plant my tomato plants,if it stops raining....maybe the sun will come out. hope so....
have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

went for a little visit

and got alot jammed into a too short of time! i had such a wonderful visit with my aunt shirley and uncle bill. i hadn't seen them in to long of a time so we had to make up for lost time. they are doing well and have a lovely home close to all their girls,daughters and granddaughters. went to the local greenhouse when i got to my mom's. what a fantastic place,i could have stayed all afternoon! beautiful.....
my mom and i on mother's her sunroom,i LOVE that room. it is a perfect place to sit and have coffee and visit and eat a meal. wish i had a room like that.

i'm kinda jumpin around here a bit but, terri and i got a bit of shopping in. this place is just over the top gorgeous!!! i mean it,i must go back! ;) i had such a nice time with my sis and bob,so good to see them. thanks guys for letting me come for a visit! i'll be back, ;)

sweet sweet katie... she is such a wonderful girl....she is so cute,every morning it is her "job" to bring the paper in. she does and then goes right back on to her pillow and sits. her "mom&dad" love her could you not?

look at my sweet pea!!! her mama sent this to me last night!! she sorta doesn't even look like a baby in this photo does she? wow she is growin this baby girl so much.

have a nice day!