Sunday, September 30, 2007

just a quick post today. not much going on,a quiet's a a cute little punkin head i got for a gift a few years back! his legs are so cute, they just flop around. i came across these prisms that i had given my gram for her birthday a long time ago. her birthday was in February so that's why i bought her the hearts i think. she love to have these hanging in her windows and see the rainbows on her hardwood floor. i decided to hang them in our front window after i put ribbon on them instead of the wire. now when i walk by, i think of my sweet gram and smile.

have a nice evening!

Friday, September 28, 2007

i LOVE fall! i love the colors and changing leaves,all of it. this is my kitchen table..... and the little cabinet in the kitchen. does anyone know what these little pumpkins really are??

went to the grocery store today and it looked so pretty, the hay bales lined up along a split-rail fence with pumpkins,gourds and mums setting around. when i got inside they had a sample tray with sliced apples on it and i usually won't take samples but, i wanted to try these apples. they are really good. kind of a sweet/tarty taste. very good. they looked freshly picked from the trees. now i know all apples do grow on trees but, these just had a "look"about them....;) they are called"honey crisp" apples. you should try them out.

bud really loves pumpkin pie but, i don't make pies soooo i found this recipe for "cheater's pumpkin pie" over at bud said he really liked it and i thought it was good too! best part is, it's easy and no crust!! :)

Have a nice evening and enjoy the beautiful harvest moon!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

since it is officially the first day of fall, although it is 80 plus degrees outside and very humid, i thought i would put out some of my favorite halloween stuff. i love these little guys by linda mitchell. so cute
this little witch came from a mountain village in italy. there are/were three elderly sisters that make these in their home and sell them in a village shop. this witch has blond hair, a smile on her face, a blue broom and yellow shoes! i don't think you can see them but, there are stars on her dress! just a little different than what we interpret here in the u.s.

these are some of the halloween tags i made with"crafty secrets" darling vintage cut outs. they are a favorite of mine. i usually put these all on a grapevine wreath. (i need to go & get a new wreath)

have a nice day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

does this red wooden bucket look to christmasy? i also have a natural color bucket but, thought this added some color to the hearth. maybe i'll put the natural one inside the red one..... today i went to one of my favorite little places in town and was so surprised to see that they had gotten in some "1803 candles". i've heard lots about them, you know that they smell wonderful and burn nice etc. so i got the one called "spice box". it does smell yummy, can't wait to light it later tonight. they are soy candles, so, they don't leave black soot on everything, which is nice, since i'm not to fond of washing windows every time after i have candles lit! lol, who does that anyway right? ;)

here's my little cully napping with his "lamb chop" in dad's chair. poor little guy is really missing bud since he is working out of town this week. around 5:00 he starts watching the door for bud, it's amazing to me that he knows the right time to start watching, even tho bud won't be coming thru the door until friday! he's a smart little dog.

have a nice day!

Monday, September 17, 2007

just been adding and moving stuff around this morning. i hope you can see the old keys i put on this tray. i added some ribbon and thought they looked ok here...? then i got this framed ceiling tin out and sanded it down cause it was way too red and hung it on the wall in the family room. i forgot i had it! it's been in the closet in the basement for probably 2 years now!! i think i have too much stuff....naw....
i painted, this frame creamy white and put it around the hydrangeas on the dinning room table,sort of like a tray? too weird? hmmm i like weird i guess cause i plan on leaving it for awhile! ;)

then i put these apples in this jar and put my rosary beads from my first communion around the knob. seems to me i have been seeing this alot in people's decorating. i probably should have an apothecary jar instead of this kind of jar but, i just wanted to use what i had. this is setting on our entryway table. something different anywho.....

well, i guess i will go back to moving stuff around. more pictures later.have a nice day!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i just love my little cully! he cracks me up, this is how he lays while i'm at my computer!! maybe all dogs do this but, i think it's so cute! a couple of weeks ago i ordered this "wrist key" holder from "bellapinkboutique" what a great idea! since my keys always end up at the bottom of my purse i don't have that little problem anymore!! she has all different kinds of fabric and lots of other fun stuff.

i'm on a roll around here painting everything. i re-painted this tray and love the way it turned out. now it's on to the frame around my entryway mirror and the table in there also! i'm never satisfied for very long and have to change things a bit as you probably have guessed if you have been reading this blog for a while!

have a nice day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remember, the day,Sept.11,2001, where you were? I do and I'm sure all Americans do on that terrible day. I'm so proud to be an American where we are free and can live as we choose. I'm also glad we have taken major steps to stop terrorism and so grateful to all the men and women who fight for our freedom.
last thursday i was invited out to vic's for lunch and some crafty creativity. her whole dinning room table was covered with lots of goodies. such a fun time~hot to meet vic's cousin paula, finally. she is a very creative lady. must run in their family! :) this is my little project from thursday. a canvas with a picture of my parents on it.
these candlesticks were a gold/green/red and cream combo!YUK! why did i buy them? who knows, i guess just so i could re-do them and paint them an antique white. ;)

here they are now sitting on my great-grandma's table. i like them much better how the sun was shinning in the windows this morning.that big acorn is mercury glass, love it too!

look at this big old hawk sitting on our neighbor's birdbath!!! he seemed fairly tame, cause i got pretty close to him and he just looked at me and then looked away! i thought hawks were predators and mean? i think they are, maybe he was on the "hunt"but, decided to take a break and have a drink of water....kinda creepy to me!

have a nice day!

Monday, September 10, 2007

have you ever just had one of those days when nothing you do seems to go right? well, i'm having one today! first of all i had neighborhood coffee here this morning and my coffee cake didn't turn out. the recipe called for baking powder and yep, i used baking soda so i had to run to the store and get some turnovers. they were good!
then after the ladies left i decided i would scan the pictures jill gave me the other day when she and jim stopped, and share them with you. i tried for an hour to get the picture of jill and jim together to come up but, all i got was a blue box!? what's up with that? who the one of jim alone came out great, no problem, so this is jim everyone. nice looking guy huh?
i will try and figure out what's going on with the other photo and post it later,IF i figure it out!grrrr...
have a nice day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my dear friend vic stopped by yesterday and we chatted a bit. it's been to long since we've seen each other. she is a very busy girl with her work and all. she gave me this nice little stash of goodies. just some more re-doing around the house. i love to do that! plus, i actually did some much needed vacuuming and dusting upstairs! yikes!! i have the neighborhood coffee here this coming monday so, i need to do a very thorough cleaning of the main floor! ;( i hate to dust!!
i got this child's trunk in sioux falls many years ago and it's just been sitting upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms so i thought i would bring it down and enjoy it for awhile.

have a nice day!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i'm ready for fall and some cooler temps. not cold just cooler,and of course i'm starting to move things around and get some rich fall colors going in the house. i'm so tickled that i had enough hydrangeas to cut for some arrangements. i love how they look on the dinning room table with my new table runner.
we got this silver tray for a wedding gift over 30 years ago from my uncle that lives in baltimore,maryland. i never used it much because, well, you know when your first married usually your kind of poor and it always seemed like such an extravagant gift. anyway, i have it out or use it alot now. might as well right?

i guess this is what i'm doing today,"celebrating home"! i love this book!

bud put up the "new" shelf in our bedroom. i finally remembered to ask him. it's only been laying in the spare bedroom for hmmm a few months! oh well...

as i was looking for some pictures in the cedar chest i came across these pillowcases that my gram made! i can't believe i forgot about them!!! i've got them soaking now to get them nice and white and i will put them on our bed! for show only, i know bud probably won't get that but, that's ok, it's a girl thing!

i better get busy and do some more "celebrating"! have a nice day!

Monday, September 3, 2007

just some more photos from our great trip! we went in here and had a soda before the game. it seemed like it was really old and it was very quaint. wood floors & the back bar had all original stained glass and the wood was beautiful. the waitress said it was all original, but, before i could ask what it was before it was a pub and when it was built she got busy, so i'm just assuming early 1900's.... after dan kelly's we headed for the game and it was a big party. they had a great band playing out in front of the stadium and they were really good. playing john mayer's "waitin' on the world to change". and of course an inflatable viking flying high above.

good game, vikings versus the dallas cowboys. the vikings won!! made bud very happy!
have a nice day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

what can i say? our trip to minneapolis was wonderful! what a beautiful city!! i just loved it all! the old architecture mixed with the new was awesome! this was the view about 1/2 block from our hotel. our hotel, used to be called the "athletic men's club" built in 1912. now refurbished into a luxurious hotel. the doorman was so sweet and happily posed for this, most likely, annoying guest! he really didn't seem to mind.
as we walked into the hotel lobby the smell of very fragrant flowers hit us! so beautiful sitting on top of a antique marble table. there were "bokays" sitting all over the lobby. whoops wrong table!lol!

isn't this pretty? this opened the armoire doors in our room. very tuscan, don't you think?

cool pictures/articles/advertisements were all over the walls, but, not over done...

i want this bed!!!!! i slept like a rock and anyone who knows me, knows, i usually don't sleep that well or all thru the night but, i did sleeping here!! i didn't wake up friday morning until 8:20 and that's late for me!!! loved it!

if you haven't been to minneapolis you should go!! it's wonderful and i can't wait to go back!!
Have a nice labor day!!