Thursday, May 31, 2007

despite the negative forecast it is a very pretty day outside. mostly sunny with a few clouds but, that is much better then the last couple of "rainy" type days we have had. it felt so good to see the sunshine, i had to get out a bit and enjoy the weather. of course, that means a stop at one of my favorite places here in town. i didn't find too much today, just these vintage white pillowcases with the red stitching & crochet work! so pretty. also, got this little pin tray and some mother of pearl buttons. as i was checking out, these crystals were all sitting in a pretty glass bowl on the counter, so, i grabbed a couple of them too! amazing how just a few small things can make a person happy! it used to be shoes,purses and clothes, boy has that ever changed!lol! oh i still like new clothes but, i don't have to shop for them hardly at all anymore. generally i'm satsified with what i have. i'm sure that makes bud(dh) happy too! ;) i forgot this cute little white wooden box, just sitting in the garage! it has a leather strap for a handle. love it! i should go and get some flowers to put in it, or not. maybe it's ok just the way it is!

have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

earlier this month(mother's day) i posted that bud(dh) put up my new clothesline. i was/ am so happy about that! i was without a clothesline for years and now finally i have one again and i very much needed a new bag to hold the clothespins. so i have been looking and just didn't seem to find what i wanted until about a week ago! it came in the mail today! i tried to take some photos of it outside but, it's so windy here today that it kept whipping the bag right off of the clothesline so i guess these will have to do! isn't it just darling with the red & white polka dot fabric lining the inside? i'm sure glad i didn't just settle for some store bought one! i have learned to be more patient and hunt for something i really want, instead of just settling! i got it from deb at firefly farms. she makes other darling bags too.
since there wasn't much going on around here this weekend i decided to change some stuff around!! i had gotten these 3 wonderful postcards of our home town and decided to put them in a frame instead of lined up on a shelf cause they kept falling off and were starting to get all curvy and bent. the top one is the church where i made my first holy communion. it's torn down now and a farm store sits on that block . the second is of main street, sorta how i remembered it when i was small and the third is our old high school. also torn down. just love nostalgic stuff like that! good memories of the small town life.amazing what you appreciate as you get older....
have a nice day!

Monday, May 28, 2007

most of the "men"(uncles, cousins, etc.) in my life were in some branch of the service. some in the navy, the army and the marines. my dad(on the right) was a navy veteran of ww2 and bud(dh) was in the army during vietnam.all of the them were very proud to serve their country. we fly a flag out in the yard everyday. bud is always on top of how the flag should be flown. today it is at half staff until noon. we are lucky to be living in such a great and free country.
hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

not much is going on for us this weekend. bud (dh) is working on the brick patio, which was delayed because of the rain this morning. this afternoon was beautiful tho! these are some of the flowers in our backyard. the daises are from a package of wildflower seeds i planted a long time ago. they are so tall & pretty. the Missouri primrose is going crazy, it's even in with the chives!

this is a little canvas i put together, for the bedroom. hmmm fabric looks kinda wonky when i look at this picture?hope you have a fun & safe memorial weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2007

i met my friend vic this morning out at a boutique that takes place 2 times a year. this gal has a beautiful place with this huge barn where she has the boutique in the hayloft. there is always some really great stuff to sell along with great prices. so anyway, this is what i bought. the flowers are in this old watering can . love it! i would probably have never thought to do that! also got this green birdhouse and star for my front"porch" display. i really don't have a front porch, i just like to tell myself i do! ;)

such a pretty day! i better get busy and do something with it!

have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

do you ever have one of those days when you feel like doing nothing? i had one of those today, well this morning anyway! cool and rainy days will do it to me every time! half the day was salvaged tho when the sun came out! lol! i remembered that i had these prints and thought i needed to do something with them but, what? i might put them in our dinning room but, for now i'm just moving them around until i'm sure. knowing me that might be awhile or maybe not at all! lol! i got them very reasonable, $2.00 a piece at one of the local galleries here in town! i have anothe one framed and in the family room! i love them, i just wish i knew what they said! i didn't retain my french classes very well at all....
i remembered also that i had this white frame and thought i should put it around my transfer ware plates in the dinning room. hmmmm....what do you think? i think it looks ok i guess. something different to look at for awhile. in case you haven't guessed, i love to change things around in the house all the time! never done decorating!! and last but, not least the copper boiler that has been sitting in the garage for many months is now cleaned up and in the dinning room too. for how long is any one's guess!!;)
have a nice evening!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

our thermometer reads 80 degrees and the humidity is 73%! yuk, i hope we don't get any strong thunderstorms,but, this is the kind of weather that develops them i guess....

it's been one of those lazy days,when i don't feel like doing much other than reading or trying to create something. i haven't been very creative lately!! the two items at the right are what i did come up with tho. the first one was inspired by someone out there in blog land. i wish i could remember her name.. anyway, vic gave me the little bird and the top half is a page from an old book and some music. i covered it with metallic pearl paint by lil davis. and the d well, i got it from my friend ruth, and these letters just come plain so i painted it and put the toile paper on and some other things that i like. love the martha stewart, baker's twine. it comes in great different colors. the white tag is hers and also the small oct. tag.

have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

since it was kind of a dreary day outside i thought i would check out the local bookstore in hopes of finding a good book to read. instead i found three magazines to ogle over! i have never seen or heard of " la vie claire" before, so when i leafed thru it,i just had to buy it! as you can see it has wonderful pictures in it. who could resist this sweet face? not me......great pictures! from what i understand it has been out for a year. it comes out four times a year. of course i had to get somerset studios and romantic homes. great magazines! i have always loved magazines and always hope to find some inspiration in all of them! so hopefully these 3 will keep me busy tomorrow too as it is supposed to rain, rain, rain and i won't be able to do anything outside.
time for american idol ;). have a nice evening!

Monday, May 21, 2007

meet my mom's beautiful,"no name dolly". isn't she just precious? all these years and mom says she never did name her!! so i will call her dolly. mom got this doll when she was very small from her aunt grandpa john's sister. sadly she passed away when mom was very young. meta ordered it from germany, where she was born and gave it to my mom and told gram to let mom play with her. well, mom did play with her and she was in a sad state several years ago. just lying in a box in the closet. i don't remember exactly how it went but, talking to mom one day she said she would like to get her fixed up, so off to a doll hospital, dolly went. she came back all restrung and a new wig, almost like brand new except, for her broken off finger and no clothes. my mom worked with a lady who sewed pretty doll clothes and this is what she came up with for dolly. dolly's original dress was an aqua blue and she had long stockings on and bloomers.

i just love the little space between her front teeth.
what a special treasure to have.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

ok i could not stand it any longer!!! i just had to go out and cut some of my beautiful peonies!!! i checked and shook and then i shook and checked for all types of bugs and they didn't have to many on them this afternoon. maybe cause it was so warm?? ha! i hope i don't regret this later but, for now i'm loving it! they are so pretty and smell sooo good! makes me happy! :)

yesterday on my hunt for plants i got side tracked and went to one of the local antique shops. well, it seems my car just automatically heads that way! ahmm, anywho, i found a potato ricer! yeah, i can't wait to try it out! and i found this 1951 better homes& gardens flower book! it is so great! i just love the pictures in it. sorry they look a bit to light here but, trust me the pictures are great! i will try and take some better photos of the book later but, right now the book is outside on the patio airing out. along with this being a great find, it also came with that horrible mildewy smell! gag! anyone who knows me, knows about my "icky smells" issue! and this book has one! lol!
have a nice day!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

my rose bushes are full of buds,the chives are blooming,(they have really gone to seed already but, i prefer to say they are blooming;)) and my peonies are so full of buds and starting to bloom,and they are still full of bugs!!!! drives me nuts! i wish there was some miracle "de-bugger" for them! just seeing them sitting out there and smelling good and knowing i shouldn't bring them in the house, you guessed it, drives me nuts!lol! oh well, i'll keep checking and hoping. don't know if i thought they would go away overnight or what?? just a wishful thinker i guess...

i did go to one of the local grocery store greenhouses today and bought a pretty pink wave petunia, but, that's all. not sure why, if i'm just looking for something new and different to set out,hmmm, maybe...

any ideas for me??
have a nice evening.

Friday, May 18, 2007

sorry about the blurry photo....i so wish peonies weren't so buggy! my real ones outside are ready to bloom but, when i checked them this morning they were full of ants so, needless to say i am glad i have got these fake ones. i just love the color of them and they do real and better in real life! i think today i will go check out the hanging baskets here in town. lowe's really has some reasonably priced plants but, do i want to spend the time and gas to go and check them out? nah, i just stay in town, probably cheaper in the long run anyway, with gas prices being what they are.if i have some luck i will probably post photos later on today. have a good one!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

when i was a girl my sister and i always had dresser scarves on top of our dressers. i haven't had one for years, until one day a couple of months ago i was at one of the local antique stores here in town and found these. the one on the left is on my dresser and the other one is in the spare bedroom. i just love the hearts on the edge of this one. they are a little thin but they were clean and no holes in either of them. just makes me smile and gives we a "warm fuzzy" feeling for some reason. i remember both of my grams always had dresser scarves on their dresser's. i don't think alot of people have them anymore. at least you don't see them much at all in catalogs or the decorating magazines. oh well, i guess it's what ever you like whether it's "in" or not right? have a nice evening.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

today was so nice i just had to get out and enjoy the day. i also had errands to do! thought i would check out the local flea market,before running the errands and found these treasures. a little hull pottery dish for $1.00 and the tray for $2.00 and the darling pink wicker sewing basket for $15.00. not bad i didn't think. the basket is in mint condition. i wonder about who this belonged to and if she actually used it for sewing or maybe needlework of some sort? i won't be using it for any of that kind of stuff but, will use it in my scrap space to store something, just not sure what right now...oh i did do all the stuff/errands on my list too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i hope everyone had a nice mother's day. i know i sure did! i was so happy to spend time with these two special people and of course our dear mom! we really had a nice time on sunday. lots of talking and catching up and a yummy dinner, out in mom's sunroom. love it all! the time went to fast of course, it always does...
when i got home yesterday bud (dh) the "romantic" that he is had put in my new clothesline and said happy mother's day! lol! that's fine tho, cause i have wanted a clothesline for along time. i couldn't wait to get sheets out on it! i just love that fresh wonderful line dried smell. i will sleep good tonight!:)
i'm kind of back tracking here but, that's me! anywho, on saturday afternoon mom & i went down to the little cafe she works at cause they have antiques & vintage stuff there to sell. i needed to check it out, of course and found this sweet little hobnail vase and lamp! they really have some good stuff in there. i usually don't get out of there empty handed! the prices are really reasonable too. even better right?
have a nice day.

Friday, May 11, 2007

this is a photo of my mom,before she was a mom....about 17, pretty and so young and the whole world out there for her to grab ahold of tight and fly with it...she chose to work in a bank and then at a trucking company as a secretary, where she meet my dad who was driving for that same company. and as i said, mom met my dad and they married and a little over 2 years later she became a mom for the first time,by having me! and then 5 years later my brother was born and then another 3 after that, my sister was born. she has devoted herself to being a good mom to us kiddos. we are so lucky and blessed to be able to call her our momma! she still is very active and looks great. you'd never know she is 70-something;). HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM and to all my friends and family that are mom's too. have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i can't wait to see these two this weekend! we are getting together at mom's on sunday for mother's day! seems like the times together are few and far between. this year has been lots better tho! that makes me happy!when you live 3-5 hours apart in it's hard to get it worked out so we can all be together. i miss them both alot! in a way they seem like they are my babies cause i'm so much older than they are. in this photo,taken in 1964, dan is 4 and terri is 7 months and i'm the oldest! we'll just leave it at that!lol! ;) nah, i'm 9 in the photo! at this stage it's only a number right? i'm very thankful we are close in our hearts tho...feeling a little sentimental today, can you tell? looking forward to the weekend...have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"home sweet home" one of my all time favorite when i saw this at a darling shop in sioux city, i just had to have it for my,( at that time), soon to have new paint, kitchen. the color was perfect!
just couldn't resist this old lace when i saw it but, did it ever smell terrible. very musty, so it got soaked, washed and hung on the line to dry. much better....lots of great old pieces in that basket.

i just had to have this cloche when i saw it over the weekend shopping with my mom. i get it home and for the life of me i couldn't remember what i had planned on doing with it!! my mom asked a few times, still nothing....yikes, my age is showing! lol! well, this is it mom, better late than never huh? i had the old b, printer's blocks and this vintage post card that i wanted to display. i hung an old skeleton key around the knob on top of the cloche....have a nice day!