Thursday, July 9, 2009

when i bought this

hydrangea plant it was blue.the last two summers it has been this lovely shade of lilac. is there something you put in the soil to change the color? i can't remember the name of what ever it is.... the roses are blooming finally. i think the guy that sprays the yard hit my roses bushes and kind of stunned them. glad they made it!
another barn photo from our drive on sunday. this is a small barn in comparison to the others i photographed. still trying to decide which one to use for my wall in the family room.

and last but certainly not least,jim& my sweet pea. jill sent this over the other day. now if i could just get one of k& her mama....

have a nice day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

hope your 4th of july

weekend was a good one. ours was kinda quiet....that's ok tho,no complaints here. i tried to finish up a few things around here. i hung these frames on the wall by the bookcase but, as i'm looking at it i think i need a bigger frame at the top. what do you think? changed the mantel a bit already....typical for me i know! ;0 i added the cloche and moved the white candle,that's all! :)
went for a drive in the country yesterday looking for old barns to photograph for my bare wall in the family room. we found some good ones....

saw my sweet pea on friday when we went over to jill&jim's so bud could finish up the floor project. she is a bundles of energy and of course a doll face! ;)

it's monday, so lots to do today! have a nice day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

more photos of our family room

the mantel is always hard for me for some reason. i kinda like this look,but, then i have a tendency to like a really"different" look. or maybe it isn't?? i didn't want to put these photos away so i cleaned off a shelf on the book case for them.....

my heart just melts when i look at her anyway but, this picture her mama sent this morning really sends me"over the edge" into a big puddle. in case you didn't understand the ramblings of a gramma,i'm head over heels in love with my darling grand baby, is what it meant!;) lol!

have a nice day!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my precious sweet pea

in her new home. her mama sent this to me yesterday.....missin my girl...... i can never get the photos in the right order!! oh well, the red family room is no more. the walls are a golden brown. warm and cozy,love it! i'm still not done with my decorating but, i want to take my time before i start putting new holes in my freshly painted walls.
i think it looks great with the trim and the freshly painted crisp white ceiling,which you can't see,but, you get the idea,right? ;)

here is the before,with the walls primed....

blech what a mess,but,it has to get worse before it gets better and it's much better now! yeah! gotta run,lots to do today! have a good one!