Monday, April 30, 2007

this is what i have to put up with every morning after bud(dh) leaves for work....a sulking, sad little dog who lays in his "beloved's" chair all morning in hopes that he will be back soon!! poor puppy....
on a lighter note this lovely little bundle was at my door this morning! love crabtree & evelyn products. they smell so good. summer hill has been my favortie for alot of years now. the shelf paper makes your sheets or delicates smell so nice everytime you open a door or a drawer. i have looked at diffrent items like this but, to me c&e is still the best.
i got a notion late this morning that i "needed" to go to michael's craft store in omaha and look at all the new martha stewart scrapbook stuff. seems like every blog i read they were talking about her stuff sooo i called vic in hopes of luring her out and it worked. she dropped what she was doing and came into town and we took off for omaha! yeah, love that she would do that! we each got some of the new ms stuff. i really liked it, although, i didn't buy any paper which is a huge weakness for me. love to hoard pretty papers;)!hmmm what's up with that?? vic didn't buy any either(paper that is)!! after michael's we went to china buffet for lunch! yum-o, esp. since i only have it when i'm with a friend or my mom. bud doesn't like it at all, so i never make chinese at home.
have a nice evening!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

ahhh love spring weather, well today was almost summer like, minus the humidity. so nice outside....bud worked on his backyard project and it's coming together slowly but, it's going to be nice when he gets all the brick in place. i can hardly wait to have a pleasant place to sit and read or just enjoy being outdoors. the past few years wouldn't really allow you to sit on the deck because of all the birds overhead in the now gone tree! i'm also glad that our little cully will have more space to run & play now that the big fence is up! i'm sure he is too! he's always sitting by the door waiting to be let out!

i'm also getting a new clothesline put up! i can't wait to be able to hang sheets out on the line again! love that clean fresh smell of line dried sheets! yeah, can you tell i love, love, love spring?
enjoy the nice weather!

Friday, April 27, 2007

today was a nice day to go bumming around so that's just what i did!! first i went to a favorite place here in town to hunt for treasures and didn't really find anything although i didn't look to hard cause i wanted to go to one of my friend vic's favorite places to "hunt"! so i called her up and she was game and so i drove out and picked her up and off we went! such fun just to hang out together but, when you go hunting besides well, it was good! ;) we both found some stuff we needed and at 1/2 price besides so it was really good! i just loved the pink dish, i'm wondering if it's depression glass and the other sweet little dish has a small silver base! love 'em both and both for just $4!! only sad thing is this place will be closing soon. i guess she will have to find a new place, maybe here in fremont??
after that we went and had some lunch and then i headed back home. what a nice day! just the therapy i needed! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

today i decided i needed to re-do a bit in the downstairs powder room. just a few small changes like the curtain and this picture that i did. i used crafty secrets stamps. they are so darling. i just had to use them for this, because i love birds so much and so it hardly cost a thing to have new "artwork"! lol!! i really like my wall color which has been there for 8 years! still works for me! i think the valance has been used several places in the house now! first, in our bedroom, then the dinning room and now the powder room. they were kind of pricey at the time but, i think i've gotten my money's worth out of them by now!lol!!

just had a great time last night at a wonderful local restaurant called thornhills! the atmosphere was beautiful and the food was great! best of all tho was meeting with this group of talented and interesting gals! such fun! all five of them are very special and unique in their own way! our times together are getting fewer and farther between these days,so when we do all meet the time just flies!
have a nice evening!

Monday, April 23, 2007

i think i have some "issues" with buying pottery.... i see pieces i like and i just buy them, whether or not i have a place for them or not! usually i don't have a clue!! i just have to have them and i figure the rest out later! the blue pieces are in our bathroom upstairs and i knew that when i bought them, thank goodness!! the little pink cake plate, however it "travels" around the house! it's in the kitchen now, i think it will probably stay there. the shelf, i have no clue where to hang it and it is still sitting in the spare bedroom waiting for me to decide! i just had to have that too and it's not even a pottery piece!HA! i'm sure i'll figure it out you can see by the hutch above i LOVE dishes/pottery and that's not even all of it. there is lots inside the hutch and in the kitchen, well you get the idea! ;)
have a nice evening!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

just wanted to share that our fence is up! bud(dh) & his friend dave really moved right along! between rain showers today bud got both of the gates made and put up! yeah! the fence looks really nice. can't wait for the brick to go in. i think that's next and then i can get our chairs cleaned up and get some flowers planted in some pots! i'm giddy that i will actually be able to have some flowers in the back yard that squirrels and rabbits won't get at.well, hopefully anyway:)!

bud is talking about getting a gazebo to put in the one corner,we looked at some at target a week ago, so we shall see...i'm just excited to have a nice place to sit and enjoy the weather!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

first i want to wish my sweet niece,blayne a happy birthday, a day late! our computer line was down until just awhile ago so i couldn't do it last night!;( it's hard to believe that "my baby" is 25!! seems like just yesterday she was playing outside with our kids, riding big wheels and swimming and being just the cutest little peanut ever! well, she still is the cutest little peanut ever just so grown-up now! wow, looking at this photo of her makes me smile and then makes me want to cry. time sure flies and now she is off in mexico doing what she loves, so good for her. i'm so proud of her, as if she really was my own child,thanks sissy for sharing her with me.
we love you blayne...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

my dear friend vic stopped by today, it was so nice to see her and have a visit. i just had to have some of her sweet flowers that she made. aren't they cute? you should see them irl, they are so pretty, my camera doesn't do them justice. :)

i love to go to the antique stores here and look around and i always seem to find something i just can't live without!! i saw this sweet dress form a couple of weeks ago and walked right by it and then went back and grabbed it before someone else did!! i was going to think about it but, i have done that before and gone back and it's been to late sooo i brought her home and dressed her up a bit. she has an old prism @ her neck and a cute little bird, an s and a glittery star inside. i wrapped the old tulle around the bottom of the form.

she now sits on the front entryway table! maybe i should give "her" a name? an ideas?? have a nice evening.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

poor cully had to have his vaccinations today for rabies,etc. and they drew blood and all the annual stuff. i guess the rabies shot really made him tired cause he slept the afternoon away and got up @ 5. just in time for bud to get home! worked out well,they played ball, yes in the house and now they are outside in the backyard,"working"! what a life huh?! ;)i wish i could snap back as quick when i'm not feeling well.....
at the right is my little cheap-o mirror with my mercury glass votives! love,love,love mercury glass. these are new/repros but, still love them. the antique ones cost major $$$!! just love the vintage look of it i guess. they change in patina as time goes by.....
have a nice evening.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

just random stuff is so nice outside today again!!! spring is in the sir.even though all my flowers are toppled over from the cold snap last week. i did notice this sign of spring as i was walking back up the driveway after getting the mail today.
a momma robin has been very busy!!

sorry about the blurry photo on the left. this is a frame with some of my moo cards in it. below is a frame i got from my dear friend vic for my birthday. it's a photo of the front of our house and our name and some old skeleton keys hanging in there. i have it in our front entryway on a table.
well, cully is laying by the door waiting for bud to get home so i better close and start supper. have a nice evening!

Monday, April 16, 2007

ahhh i love mondays, i know that probably sounds weird to some of you who feel just the opposite but, i do love mondays. a fresh start for the new week and the sun is shinning. i have plans to get lots of things done this week. i have much i want to cross off my to do list!! esp. cleaning my family room windows since bud(DH) has finally cut down the humungeous tree and taken out the deck in the backyard! what a mess and i mean a mess but, it has to get worse before it gets betta right? it's even gotten some better right away.the new grass is coming up and the bad cement that was under the deck has been cut out and hauled away. we are now waiting for the stump to die off so we can take it out. bud drilled holes in it and put some nasty stuff in it to make the roots die. we shall see if this works, hope so but i don't know???? we are going to put a fence up around the patio area and also put brick in around the cement.i can't wait for this to be all done. i have big plans for "decorating"our new outdoor space! i'm constantly looking for ideas on how to decrate porches/patios esp. since i don't have a much longed for porch.

Friday, April 13, 2007

i always love it when i have two or more books to read&take me away for awhile.i can't wait to read paula deen's book! not because i'm anywhere close to being the wonderful cook she is but, because she is just a bubbly, almost always happy person despite the tragedies she has had to overcome. she loves to laugh and be happy and i admire that. the other book is fiction,the liar's diary by patry francis. it's her first novel and sounds really interesting.i also got,carolyn westbrook's home. absolutely gorgeous pictures and simple decorating ideas. i also have a weakness for magazines, so every now and then i pick up one that i normally don't. this time it's, romantic homes. i leafed thru it at the store and it looks inviting, so i'll check it out more this weekend.
hope everyone has a nice weekend....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

i have been thinking for a long time now how nice it would be to have a friends & family get together of sorts. either a bbq or potluck or just anything so we could all get in one place and visit and catch-up on what's going on in all our busy lives. now common sense tells me that that is probably pretty much impossible but, i can dream, right? anyway, i thought i would at least try and share some of the favorite corners i have in our home since we moved here 10 years ago. mind you these "corners" of mine are always changing in one way or another. my mom can tell you i'm forever changing and moving things around,i have always done this,even when i was at home with my folks. i would hound mom to help me move my bed and dresser in my room all the time.paint or wallpaper, well you get the it's just more of moving my "treasures" from one spot to another!

this is my favorite chair to sit in and read a good book....

love the new color of our dinning room. it really warmed up the space.

come on over for a visit anytime, your always welcome!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

well, if you have read my first post you probably gathered that iam not the best writer or speller in the world but,i want to try and stay better connected with my family and friends so i really want to give this a high school typing teacher would be appalled at my horrid hunt & pecking that i do now! LOL it's been a long time since h.s. that's for sure!

it's a dreary rainy day here in ne. and here's hoping the snow stays north of us! sorry family if you are getting snowed upon! good day to blog right?

just want to share this canvas i did of my beautiful grandma when she was a teenager! she was 17 in the picture @ 1911. doesn't she look elegant with her fur muff and fur scarf? i had to make the photo much smaller to fit the canvas as you can see from the actual picture of her here on the shelf in our bedroom.

i think my cousin pam looks alot like grandma. jarrod(ds) says i look like her but, i don't see it like i do with pam.

well, i think cully is ready to go out so i better run. have a nice evening.

Monday, April 9, 2007

just getting started

well i said i thought i would never do this but, yet here i'am posting on my new blog....just goes to show you, never say never. i did have some "gentle coaxing" from my friend Vic, someone who also thought she would never have a blog and now has a great blogspot!! she is a pro at this now so i'm sure i will be asking/begging her for help(alot)!!!

anywho, if you by chance are reading this bear with me until i get the hang of things please. have a great day everone.
the pendent on the left is something that i made,inspired by pam garrison. the photo on the right is my puppy, Cully in his Easter bunny ears. the photo was taken by my dear friend Vic !