Thursday, May 29, 2008

my precious sweet pea

i can not believe how badly it bothers me that she is an hour and fifteen minutes away!! good grief,it's not like i can't get in the car and drive it but, still i feel weepy about it all! how do people cope that are across the country from their grandchildren? i'd probably not be able to handle that at all,what a wimp i am. sorry i went all whinny on you! i love this photo that my dear friend vic took! went to my favorite place today and found this glass block,it was full of sea shells,but, i had another idea for the block and the shells! sorry about the lousy quality of this picture!!yikes that's not good....
re-doing in the kitchen a bit....found this tray basket today and put it to use. the kitchen table is forever being changed around this is for today! lol!
sounds like we are to have a very stormy night so stay safe everyone that's in our area and hope the rest of you have a good night!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

yes,more fairies

i can not stop,i love them and they are so fun to put together. sorry about the quality of the pictures but, it's so hard to get photos on these endless rainy dreary days we seem to be having. the block i used for the "cully" fairy is an old wooden block that i had in my stash of goodies and i thought how appropriate,"P" for the little prince,cause he is definitely that! lol!

the whole group,so far.... ;)
have a nice evening!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

fairies are so fun

to make or put together.i've got the "bug" for them bad ever since the artsy gals met at vic's, last week. i think all of us gals have been bitten!! check out paula's, and stephanie's over on vic's blog at, these are mine and i want to make more but,laundry and some much needed dusting first!! ;)
yesterday was moving day for jill and her family. her new little town is jim's hometown so he has lots of family and friends there. i hope it's an easy transition for my girl....they are an hour and fifteen minutes from us now but, it's not a bad drive. very scenic. i didn't get any shots of jim's family or the house this time. just a couple of the beautiful catholic church and rectory. just lovely....
have a nice day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial day weekend is here

and time to think of all our veteran's living and gone....this is my dad,taken when he joined the navy back during wwII. he was so proud to be in the service of our country. he joined up right after high school,so young and eager to go and serve his country. my poor grandparents, had lots to worry about i suppose because my uncle was in at the same time. they both made it thru it okay. my mom's brother was in wwII also. he saw alot of action as he was on iwo jima. he made it thru also,thank goodness. a small bokay of lilies of the valley.they smell wonderful!
my irises are going to finally bloom! i didn't even think i would get any this year. i know i had a photo of this the other day,but, with all the rain it is even more beautiful! have a great weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2008

this is the weekend

that jill&jim and my sweet pea are moving! achhhhh i'm trying to be strong&tough but, it's not easy...i'm not going to just be able to jump in the car and see her in 30 minutes two to three times a week. i know i have been so blessed this time around,meaning, being able to see kaylie all the time not like things went when carter was born. i am grateful believe me but, still a(quite) bit sad. ninety minutes is alot of difference and with gas prices going up,well, you get the idea.there is nothing i can do about this. the kids have to go where they can afford to live and it's their lives but, being i'm such a wimp i have a feeling this is going to be tough,really tough for this grandma.ahh such is life....sorry i didn't mean to get all emotional here. vic is probably going to kill me for posting this photo but i wanted you to see the start of her latest creation.the photo is of vic's dad on the left and her grandpa on the right. she hadn't finished it before i left so i'm anxious to see how it turned out. the girl is so talented.
this is paula's creation,it is so adorable.
i have been tagged by the talented and sweet liv over at, we are to list seven things no one really knows about us,hmmm i have to think about that for a bit.check liv's blog out,she is such a sweet gal and very talented.i'm so lucky to have gotten to know her thru blogland!

have a safe and wonderful memorial weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

what a fun and artsy

day yesterday was! so much fun! look at this beautiful table,the food was scrumptious of course and so eye appealing!darling little clay pots with a bird's nest on top for a "party' favor....that vic thinks of everything! she was so generous sharing all her art goodies with us too! a photo of vic's cozy studio,it's so lovely!
this is one of the great views from her deck,love that vintage bike! it reminds me of the one i got for my twelfth birthday. yep, i guess i'm vintage too! lol!
this is a shot of our our fairies and of jessica's frame! such talented gals....
okay i don't know why i have two pictures of the table but, here you go! lol!
have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is there anything more

precious than a sleeping baby? look at her,not a care in the world, so full of sweet innocence....i'm totally in love with this little girl. she is such a wonderful gift,my cup runneth over.i watched kaylie today while the kid's went golfing. such a good baby.... my little cully is always a bit jealous when kaylie is here,but, loves her so much too.
i have been wanting to do a canvas of our grandchild (even before she was born)it would have been nice to do one of carter BUT,that was not to be, so i have had to wait until kaylie came along.all these ideas in my head and i finally have got to put one (at least lol) to use.i thought it turned out good. jill&jim did too.
my flowers are so pretty right now....
i love this martha washington geranium. such a rich color.
better run and do some's off to vic's for a fun day! can't wait. i will share more later.
have a nice day!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

today was such a

pretty day! the weather was perfect,no wind for once and just a lovely spring day. went to vic's,http://www.vickichrisman.blogspot.comwe decided to have lunch in town and after that we walked around a bit and took some photos. it's such a cute and quiet little place. i love it. reminds me of my home town. very quaint and full of charm.
before we went into town vic showed me some of the photos she took of kaylie the other day. wow,that girl is amazing.she got some great shots of my little sweet are a couple. isn't she just precious? i just can't get enough of her sweet little face....i know,i'm completely gone over this baby! how could i not be? :)
such a dolly....thanks vic for taking such great photos!
all in all it was a great day! have a nice evening!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the many faces of

my sweet kaylie. it's hard to believe this little baby is only six weeks old! everyone says she looks older,i guess she does.these are just a few shots i took yesterday. she slept most of the time that i was there.such a good baby. she is very alert and her eyes do follow you when you move around. not all the time but,well you get the idea...
her facial expressions(some) crack me up! i love to just sit and watch her.
went out and clipped some lilacs for a bokay yesterday. they smell so good.
enjoy your day it's supposed to be a beautiful day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i hope your mother's day

was as nice as mine. i went to my mom's for the weekend. it was so nice to go "home" again for a much overdue visit. i talk to my mom alot on the phone but, that's just not the same. anyway, it was so good to visit with my mom. my sweet sissy,terri and her hubby and daughter came to mom's on sunday for dinner. good to see them too. the day went so fast! on saturday even tho it was raining alot we,mom&i went shopping. we went to a nearby town and they have a great shop there. i drive by all the time on the way north but, haven't stopped in a long time. well we were impressed. it was very tasteful,not over done or jammed with so much stuff you couldn't see everything. the prices were decent too. i got the frame (above)there. nice stuff...i also got this square white tray....
my lilacs are starting to open so i best get out there and cut a bokay! i will be heading to omaha to watch my little sweet pea for a bit this afternoon. can't wait to see her.... have a nice day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

what a great day

i had today,although it didn't start out that way. i woke up with a nauseating/pounding headache and thought oh great, i need to get rid of this before the kid's bring my little sweet pea. it passed eventually, maybe, cause kaylie was here. look at her,she is six weeks old already! vic stopped by for a visit too! anyway, after jill&jim left,vic and i got our cameras out and i changed kaylie into this darling dress jill got at old navy. she looked so tiny propped up on the bed. she was a real little trooper.
i love her white sweater,isn't it cute?
this baby is sooo special to us. i can't get over her. she makes this gramma so happy! i do think my little cully was a bit jealous of all the attention kaylie was getting,not that he ever lacks for attention mind you,he just wants all of it!
have a nice evening!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

this is going to be a very

lame attempt to blog tonight. i wasn't even going to blog at all but, thought why not ? sooo such as it is, here goes....
my little cully just layed around all day and wouldn't play really or eat! not sure what is wrong if anything. just maybe having an off day.
a view of my family room with my great grandma's table and some of my treasures atop it!
sorry to say that's about it for now. i know tomorrow will be a better day as i will be watching kaylie at our house so the kid's can go and have a fun day! yeah,i can't wait.....
have a nice evening!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

what makes you

happy?well, of course,my family makes me happy, most of the time anyway! ;) here's my "wall of fame" as jill calls it. had to get a frame and get my sweet pea up there,and now she is! these little ceramic letter balls tickle me! why, i dunno,they just do.....
goodies in the mail is a fun thing. my treasures from velvet strawberries. love that place, you should check it out. hopefully, this new little stash will kick in my creative flow! it's been gone for awhile now so i'm not sure if it will help! lol!!
also them. this is from velvet strawberries too. it's from wendy addison's collection.
ahhh and freshly washed and dried linens on the bed. is there anything better? well, i'm sure there is but, it's the little things you know? :)
have a nice day!