Monday, February 25, 2008

yesterday, was a day that i guess i can describe as "surreal' for me....i still have to pinch myself and tell moi that,my baby, is going to have a baby and that i will be a grandma in about one month!! i guess i've waited so long,long for me anyway,to be a hands on grandma. that i will be able to love this darling little girl all the time, not just when it is convenient "for other people" and that i won't be pushed out of her life. oh enough on that, which is another long story and i won't bore you all with that. most of you that read my blog know what i'm talking about anyway.
this sweet lady pictured with jill, is terri, and she gave jill a lovely baby shower at her home. so nice of her to do this for my girl....thanks terri!! jill and her good friend cheri. cheri is from a small town about seventeen miles where we are from. anyway, they came to omaha and met and are now great friends. small world.

the table was so pretty....

this cake was so yummy. i have to find out for sure where terri got it....

it's a girl pink mints with one lone boy mint in the dish just in case the ultrasound was wrong!yikes! hope it wasn't,it's pretty much all pink/girl stuff that jill has gotten! it's a girl i'm sure and she is so sweet i can't wait to see her. the ultra sound pictures don't do her justice i'm sure! but, she's a doll from what we can see! ;)

sweet little candles that have "jill's baby shower" on them and the date. what a cute idea!

the roses were beautiful! and so was the day!perfect weather, (unlike today! sleety rain going on right now)and a fun afternoon spent with my daughter.

p.s. blogger has finally fixed spell check!!!yeah!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

this is not the best photo of the wall of sorts in my kitchen but, aside from that i keep thinking i need one more "thing" on this wall with my clock i love and my gordman's two tin,remember kristin? fun girl's day shopping and all....anyway, i'm thinking maybe a canvas of something so that if i got tired of it,and you know i will ;)i could re-do quickly or get someting diffrent...too much?? not a very big wall at all. ok now on to my livingroom,i'm not so sure about this wall above the couch anymore....keep wanting to tear it all down and start over with something diffrent,not sure what tho....any ideas?

here is what i did with my window that i mentioned in an earlier post. i'm liking it and check out my branch,nice touch i think....thanks vic for that idea!

well, that's it for now. off to see if i can re-do a little somethin-somethin before my hubs gets home!;) have a nice wekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

okay i think i have some issue with the color all started awhile back when i said i wanted to paint the family room a diffrent color than the red you see here. jill(dd) said as long as it's not brown!! what? why would you think that i thought about brown for a new color? hmmm,i don't have too much brown or do i??
i love my brown feather wreath on my brown living room wall....
my brown candles on/in my mercury glass(another weakness) holders.... ;)

the dark brown dinning room table and hutch,but,notice the green too please.

the brown (AND white ;0) transferware plates......well, it doesn't stop here but, maybe i do have a little too much brown? nah i LOVE it!

love this copper/brownish boiler.......

oh and i love white too..... esp. because of this little guy.;)

have a nice evening!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

thought i should share at least a couple more photos from our trip "back in time" a week ago. isn't this house fantastic? it is huge! as you can see i didn't get it all in my photo,still learning how to work my new camera ! yikes, you get the idea tho don't you ? spraling large home. who had to clean this place? wow, more than one person i'm thinking?! ;) i love the color, along with the brown and white trim. perfect! the little red car out in front kinda ruins the effect a bit but, i just ignored it all together and it works for me! :0 this is the street that runs on the west side of the house, a small wooden bridge! love it! mostly,back to the right effect (except for the stop sign)!

tomorrow's the big day, hope you all have a special valentine's day!

last but not least, my $1.50 cut glass lamp that i got at the neighbor's garage sale. i just had to get a new shade and i got that at target for @$15.00 so all in all i'm pretty happy with my "good buy"!

have a nice evening!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

a little bit of "this and that".... isn't this little bowl sweet? got it at one of my local favorite spots. it had a yellow,purple and green bowl that matched this one but, i only got the pink one. love it! the little x &o came from the fabric shop here in town,along with the pink and white towel.
i also picked up the love and a couple of fat squares as the fabric shop ladies call them.i was going to make a pillow but, know i'm leaning toward a square for the kitchen table. i love the pink with my robin's egg blue,so springy. aren't these shoes cute? i couldn't resist them...

or this cute new bag that is reversable,to denim,so it probably will stay this way cause it's much cuter,i think anyway.....

have a nice weekend......

Thursday, February 7, 2008

i have come to the conclusion that january and february must be months that people have an overwhelming desire to re-do everything. a new year,so a fresh take on things right? or maybe i'm just fooling myself and i'm one of very few that feel this way/ i dunno but, i think it's the other way and i'm sticking with that!lol! :)i just want to tear everything apart and start over. okay, sorry,maybe i need to focus more on taking better photos and reading etc. instead of re-doing .....and never being satisfied with things for very long.with that out of my system i hope you have a nice evening and thanks for listening to my mini-melt down!lol! ;) you know nothing has changed right? i'll be back to re-doing some more tomorow! ;0

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my next project is the main bathroom,i think..... i keep looking at it and i know i want to get rid of the wallpaper and the border but, the color is good for me. let me explain a bit, should of done that first huh? ;) anyway, our main bath is in two parts this part where the vanity is,has wallpaper and the second part is where the tub and toliet are and that part is painted. so with that in mind i just want the whole room painted and i like the khakhi color with my painted woodwork and so i think it will basically stay the same. ok i'm rambling a bit but you get the idea right? minus the wallpaper and border. just tired of it after ten and a half years. this is the first room we did when we moved in and it's past time for a bit of a change.

stopped at one of my favorite places in town yesterday and found this great window. i have been looking for a six pane window for a long time for a project i have in mind and now i can work on that since i won't be going anywhere today as we are in a winter storm advisory and it's snowing like crazy already.....

have a nice day!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

don't you just love when you get a package in the mail??? i sure do and i got one today from tina over at cherry hill cottage. she has great stuff for sale on her blog every now and then. if you see something you love and can't live without i suggest you buy it immediately cause it will surely be gone right away if you don't! tina calls this a cheese ball server. it's so cute....i can imagine valentine cookies or cupcakes on it also.... the cup matches the plate. the colors of the flowers are perfect for my kitchen. thanks tina i love it/"rosemary". tina named all the little servers she had on her blog for "adoption"! lol! ;)

cully and i hope you have a nice evening and rest of the weekend! :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

have you ever had a day where the simpliest things just make the day so great? i'm sure you have and i had one yesterday and wanted to share a bit of it with you....bud had called me in the morning and asked if i wanted to ride with him to brownville to deliver a welder to the crew working there and i said yes it would be just nice to get out and do something diffrent(winter doldrums have set in big time for me) so off we went. i of course brought the camera in hopes of seeing something i could take pictures of (with the new camera) you know like a barn a horse just after we delivered the welder to the guys bud said i know where we can go where you can get some great pictures and so we went over this bridge to the village of brownville and i know it will sound hokey but, it was like we stepped/drove back in time,kinda, cool really! i do enjoy stuff like this tho so maybe that's why it made such an impression on me. first stop was the little spot where they had the meriwether lewis boat docked. you know they guy from "lewis and clark" expedetions? this was that lewis' boat!!

after that was a drive thru this quaint little town. you really feel like it's back in the 1800's when you see settings like this but, then a(rare) vehicle drives by and it's back to reality!lol!

they sell clover honey at this little store or so the sign says. i wonder what kind of business was in this building in the 1800's?
i'm sure this was a grand house in it's day and still is i guess in a way. it is empty now and needs lots of tlc. i'd just love to go in and look around, and "if walls could talk" (hgtv) ! ;)

this is the sign in the yard by this house. wonder if the 2nd means second generation nace family or what?

i bet this was a beauty in it's day. so sad to see homes like this and naturally it makes me wonder about what kind of people lived here etc.

well, that's the end of the tour for now. ;) hope i didn't bore you too much.have a nice day!!