Friday, February 27, 2009

got a text from my

sweet pea's mama to tell me, my sweetie is walking!! i knew it would be coming very soon as she was taking steps,several times a day, when she was here with us last weekend. i guess she is growing up. her first birthday is less than a month away. love this BABY girl soo much! :) i would have to sit here with the "webster's" to look up all the words to describe the concert&celine last night!!! she is kind,thoughtful,funny,gorgeous and amazingly talented!!! i still can't grasp it all as to what a phenomenal show she put on last night! alls i can say is WOW and i'm so very glad i got to see her live! so glad.....
have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


will be in concert tonight at the qwest centre!!!!! finally, she had to cancel in november because of throat problems. hopefully,she is better. i guess she must be!! i'm so excited to see her. she is my all time favorite female singer. i always wanted to go to see her when she was in vegas,and didn't get there, but, this works too! wish i looked like this when i was taking photos! lol!
have a great day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

as i'm typing this my

thermometer says 50 degrees and the sun is shinning so my thoughts naturally turn to spring,which is less than one month away and i can hardly wait to have this to look at out my window or in a vase on a table...... i've been seeing alot of these guys for the last couple of weeks so i know there is hope !;) although my dad used to say that robin's are a dumb bird!? oh well, i'm happy to see them anyway dumb or not! lol!
my hydrangea in full bloom. isn't it pretty?

and i will leave you with this sweet little photo my dd sent me this morning of my sweet pea and her daddy. it's the little things isn't it? life is good.

have a nice day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

our sweet pea and her

papa were having quite the conversation yesterday morning. she is really listening to what he was saying to her. look at her little hand,propping her head! too cute!! what a face....
she cracks me up with her expressions sometimes....

she likes to ham it up a bit too!

the house is so quiet now. cully has been sleeping since sweet pea left last night. he is so afraid he might miss something of course and k chased him around non-stop. so funny.
well, i better get on with my day. things tend to get left un done when we have special company!! ;)
have a nice day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

it was such a fun day

with my friends,kristin and renae yesterday. we went for lunch and lots of shopping. we stopped at one of the local antique stores and renae fell in love with this shed. i mean she really wants it bad. it is very cool. see what i mean? here she is making herself at home inside. it would be perfect for her beautiful,very large back yard,i must admit.

she already had company!!lol! renae and kristin checking things out inside the new/old shed.
the three of us on the porch. the light was so wonky in there but, that's ok. charlene,a very nice gal, that works there took this photo.

it was a fun day. the girls left about 7 last night and i went to bed at 9:30!! it was a long day cause i woke up before 5 and couldn't get back to sleep i was so excited for the girls to come for a visit!! love it!!
and today j&j are bringing my sweet pea for the cup runneth over this week. :) i'm a lucky gal!
have a nice day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just changing a

few things around and cleaning today. not very much wall space at all in our kitchen so i guess maybe that's good i don't know but, any who i put this platter up by the clock and i really like it there. so it will stay for awhile....
and tomorrow these girls are coming for a visit!! i'm so excited i can't wait to see them! renae is sitting next to me and across from her is kristin and then dot. dot can't come this time tho....maybe another day...
have a nice day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

good monday morning

just changing things up/around a bit yesterday and probably today. i have to stay home because the cable guy is coming to check and see why we cannot get any" movies on demand". which i had my heart set on doing on saturday night!:( i wanted to see "the secret lives of bees" and "nights in rodanthe". no luck, would not work. hopefully they will get it fixed today.

i put these frames on this wall just for fun and something different. kinda funky and i like funky you know,but, not 100% on this,yet. we'll see....

my sweet pea,just thought i would throw this in the mix to see if you are paying attention!lol!
the dinning room table. i do like how this looks so it will stay for awhile.

went to my favorite store saturday and found this ironstone bowl and platter,reasonable so i brought them home.

i love how this looks. makes me happy. it's the little thing you know! ;)

have a nice day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

yesterday we went to see

our little sweet pea and her mommy & daddy too. she is growing so fast,almost 11 months old already! the time flies by so fast. it had been almost three weeks since we had seen her and i could definitely see a change in her again. she is trying so hard to talk and watches everything. she is very curious. she also can entertain herself and play for a long time by herself. such a good baby....just one of her many looks/faces,keeping an eye on her papa....all the time.... bein' a diva with her heart sunglasses from us. she left them on for awhile looking around. too funny!
sweet pea loves her papa. all the while we were there she kept a close eye on him.

modeling her new hat that her great grandma made her for christmas.

making sure her papa is in close view! what a little sweetie pie she is. love that baby girl soo much!

this is the necklace i got from sweet jessica the other day at our get-together. it is so cool. she also made the origami box it was in. she is one talented young lady! thanks jessica,i love it! ;)

have a nice day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

i have been a bad blogger

but, it has been a quiet time around here. not much going on,it is winter here of course and we are being reminded of it big time today. winter storm warning and it's here! snowing like crazy outside....on a happier note the "artsy girls" met at paula's the other day. paula found these plaques and we each decorated our own. it was a fun afternoon!

this is vic' pretty. stephanie's. she is very creative.

jessica and her creation. she is so talented,

this is paula's. don't ya love it?

these are the atcs paula created for us. aren't they gorgeous?

and this is mine!

have a nice day! stay safe and warm!