Tuesday, April 28, 2009

things have been

quiet around here. not much going on as the spring weather does not cooperate. today is going to be nice tho,so that helps a bit. more rain in the forecast for around here tho......blech i think it's getting to me a bit! my sweet pea in her shades,soo cute!! the trees are gorgeous right now. our red bud is beautiful in spite of it being torn apart in past storms.....
our cully hanging out by the patio door. he loves it when the door is open so he can keep a better eye on all the "activity" outside(birds&squirrels)!

these trees are over by our bank,so lovely....

have a nice day!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wow it is a perfect

spring day!! no wind to speak of and nice warm temps! love it! just a few things around the house. i love this "bloom" by the talented cari kraft! love her creations. i got these little birds from my friend jan and had them hanging on a shelf in our family room. sick of the shelf,so down it came but, i love these little guys so they each got a new home. the red one stayed in the family room on this lamp.
and the green one went in the dinning room.

i took out the longaberger basket with ivy in it and just added this little vase.

and here is our cully,wore out,from our walk and being outside alot yesterday afternoon! he was too tired to even get up and move,which he usually does when i want to take his picture! lol!

enjoy the nice day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

spring cleaning

has been going on around here for the last week or so....after many washings in the dishwasher no matter what miracle soap and drying 'agents" i have used our drinking glasses start to look like they have dried (white) milk stains in them!! we use them knowing they are clean and sterilized until one day i just can't stand it anymore and i need to go and get new glasses! aren't they nice and sparkly? for awhile anyway....
some fun new acrylic glasses to use outside.......
a new springy rug for the laundry room floor....

and my cully enjoying the nice warm sunshiny day! he loves to be outside.

our red bud tree is starting to "bud ". a sure sign of spring right?

photo albums for my many, many pictures of my sweetpea! i love spring cleaning and purging! makes everything feel anew!

have a nice day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

just sharing some

fun photos from sunday. our little sweet pea giving uncle j a look.... sweet ruthie and sweet pea playing peek-a-boo. kaylie loves ruthie.....
upside down babies are so cute aren't they?lol i love that you can see her pretty white teeth!

the cutest "buns" in the world as far as i'm concerned,anyway! ;)

and this is a total 360 from the above but, i love this tile and want it for the main bathroom. we are planning on re-doing it some time soon and i have been looking at tile for awhile now and i think this is the winner. ;)

have a nice day!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

how was your easter?

ours was very nice. the kids were here for dinner. jill made cupcakes and they were yummaye. kaylie checking out her easter basket.....
my bokay of flowers from j and sweet ruthie. that was a very nice surprise.

our sweet pea later on in the day. it was kinda cool so her mama changed her into something a bit warmer.look at the cute lamb on the table,that was from her uncle j and ruthie.

hmm got these photos out of order! ah well,it's monday!! anyway,she was a bit scared of the hopping bunny!

it was a nice day! hope you all had a nice easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

almost easter

and everything is ready.well,almost anyway!! my sweet pea's basket is full and waiting for her to check it out.
a little sweetie in her easter dress.... this is my little fence from our artsy get together wednesday. sorry about the bad photo...there are two clips at the bottom for photos....
have a nice day and a happy easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the artsy girls

meet at stephanie and jessica's yesterday. i so enjoy getting together with these talented girls. we decorated these adorable little fences. they were fun! this is one that was done by steph's s-i-l. isn't it cool? these were some of the goodies i had waiting for me at my place at the table. the egg and chick were done by stephanie and my name card was created by the very talented artist jessica! i love all my goodies. we all got an adorable bag with lots of goodies from paula too. hmm i didn't get a photo of it,what's up with that?! :) thanks so much girls!

two little fences done by stephanie....so cute. steph has such a gift.....very inspirational in her art and her adorable cozy home.

this was paula's creation. she is also very a talented artist.

this is a card by sweet jessica....

it was such a fun afternoon. we did miss our vic tho,she wasn't able to make it this time....
have a nice day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

we dodged a "weather bullet"

over the weekend,for sure. this is pretty much all we got for the dreaded white stuff in our back yard. in the front there was a bit more but,not much and it was pretty much all gone by late afternoon! yeah!
got this sweet bunny at another of my local favorite shops. she was 20% off so she just had to come home with me.

and last but never least is my sweet pea,rockin in her chair made by her papa bud. her mama sent it to me this morning. she is a bit afraid of it but,sits nicely in it too! isn't she precious? i think so,of course!! :)

have a nice day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

the littlest sailor

had her photos taken in her birthday outfit, from great grandma jane and great grandpa don. i think they turned out adorable,don't you? not much going on but, this makes me happy,the pink bunny filled with starburst jelly beans! yum!

and i "landscaped" the laundry room and small bath today! lol! landscape is the color of paint we used. i just touched up the walls were they needed it,badly i might add and it's always amazing to me what a little paint and a couple of changes can do for a person! :)

i got these restaurant plates at my favorite store in town for $2.00 each and i already had the paint, and so for little or nothing,i'm happy! doesn't take much i guess....
have a nice day!