Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i'm not overly fond of pacifiers

and neither is my sweet pea,obviously,cause it's upside down in her mouth but,she like to chew on them now that she is cutting teeth. one tooth is completely in and half of another.... sweet pea in a santa hat. this picture was part of of gift from her little family. never been a cuter santa!;) wish i could see her face a bit tho...
modeling her iowa hawkeyes this baby girl.....

i have errands to run so i better get on with my day. have a nice one and happy new year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

how fast did that

holiday go??? way too fast,it seems. it was so nice tho. everyone was here except for poor jim who had to's our little sweet pea in a new outfit she got from someone in jim's family. our cully christmas eve day,playing in the snow.

so glad my mom was here. bud went and got her so she could spend the holiday with us. kaylie,went right to her great grandma with no crying at all.

kaylie and her papa. he is soo taken with her and she has/and will have him right where she wants him!

kaylie and her mamma looking at her gift from uncle j. i really didn't get many pictures at all i was so focused on it being kaylie's first christmas i almost completely forgot about capturing the moment. i'm a bad gamma! ;)

have a nice day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

sweet pea's first christmas

is so exciting for me. i can't wait to see her reaction to the tree,her gifts and just everything. she is what it is all about for us. not to slight the rest of our dear family by any means but, the "firsts" for her are so special. these are a couple of photos jill sent us last week. kaylie in her chargers garb (below)and trying to checking out dresser drawers.....

she is our very precious and special holiday gift this year!!

have a nice day!

Friday, December 19, 2008

i finished my project from

the other day when the artsy girls met at vic's for an afternoon of creating,laughing and christmas cookies. it was such a fun afternoon. vic is a great hostess and the artsy girls are so fun and so talented! i finally remembered to buy batteries for the lights on top of my nativity set. i just love the way it looks with the string of lights turned on....

the saying on this plaque is so true,isn't it?

bud hung this window for me last how it looks,esp. before we had all this snow! ;)

tussie mussie needed to be decorated for the holidays too. simple,silvery,glittery snowflakes.

have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

haven't seen my sweet pea

in over two weeks and i'm missing her something terrible. i asked her mommy to send me a photo,so this is it. i asked if she actually likes the pacifier and jill says she likes to chew on it! guess who is cutting teeth?! she does have one tooth thru now but,so far that's it and she will be 9 months old on saturday!
just a few more christmas things around the house. i love mercury glass....
these angels were made by a local lady. i really like them and always put them out,somewhere. this year it's on the table in the livingroom.

my grandma quinn had a set like this so when i saw i just had to have it. don't know why,other than the fact it reminded me of her and the farm and i have fond memories of her and the farm so,well,you know how it goes. :) anyway how did they get the eggnog out of the bowl?? i don't think there was a spoon of any sort that came with it.
well, it's snowing like crazy here and a whopping 5 degrees above zero. that's a plus after the last few days tho! we are to get 3-5 inches according to one weather guy,hopefully it's less but, you never know,it's nebraska after ll!
have a nice day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

this is a sassy look from our

cully. he wanted to play ball and chase the light and i wanted to re-do some vignettes around the house. love the mix of vintage and new. the red ornament with the snowflakes on it is new,five or six years old. the other two are vintage. the striped ornament is from my childhood tree. mom had two left and i asked her for them,as a child i always liked them so much.
i added more greenery to the mantel and i think it looks better fuller than sparse the way i had it before.

wreath on a kitchen chair....

just couldn't resist this little tree from my favorite store yesterday. i kept going back and looking at it and finally decided it should come home with me. this is the only decoration i have bought this year. all the rest of the stuff i've had for a while now. you know the 3 r's,reuse,refurbish,recycle. they were a bit different when we were in school weren't they?! lol!

have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

do you have your christmas

decorations up yet? i do and i think i'm done and i'm surprised at myself cause i usually don't have things done this early!! what is up with that?? my shopping is done too. i just have to wrap my sweet pea's gifts and then that's pretty much it! wow,even as i'm typing this,i wonder if it's to good to be true and what did i forget?! :)
this is the nativity set that we bought when we were in rome. it's fontanini....i love it and decided to put it in the dinning room this year instead of the front entry. the dinning room table,very simple....
a shelf in the family room bookcase. these things came from our kid's,when they were young(er).

our tree. sorry it's so dark but, i just couldn't get a good photo with the blinds up.

the kitchen table.

have a nice day!!