Thursday, June 19, 2008

good morning

i went out and cut some roses for the house. they are so pretty right now. i'm sure all the warm and humid weather has helped. a quick and simple layout that i did yesterday. sorry about the bad photo. it's very cloudy this morning and also that blingy paper clip is heavy and bending the paper over.
took a photo of our house and hung it in the front entry. nothing worse than an un-adorned wall right? ;)
and last but, certainly not least, my little sweet pea. didn't get to see her last night as her grandpa was way to tired to make the trip. he roofed all day in the hot sun and needless to say it kicked his butt and of course he is all tan already! anyway, hopefully tonight we can bring the kids our deep freeze. we just don't seem to need all that freezer space anymore. so they can put it to good use,i'm sure.
have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tryin to be

a little creative here and do some painting and scrap booking,which i have not done in so/way to long! this metal star was black and i just layered some paint on. you know the lazy way,with sponge brush and wipe off with a paper towel? fun! it was! i kinda like it now... sorry about the not so good photo but, you get the idea anyway don't you?
love these jenni bowlin game cards. just folded it in half and added some goodies.
the inside...
the back with a star on the 20 since that is the date kaylie was born on. very simple...
have a nice day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

my sweet pea

is on my mind today. well,she is every day i guess! you know how it is right?just wanted to share that she has discovered her tongue. it's cute now,probably not so much if she would do this later. well, maybe it still would be!!we are going over to see her on wednesday after bud gets off work. looking forward to that. also on my mind today,my dad,as well as yesterday, but today would have been his 84th birthday. hard to believe he has been gone almost fourteen years already.

have a nice monday everyone!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is my sweet sister and daughter's


I just thought i would share a couple of new goodies i got this week. these darling tea towels.they are yummy colors and i esp. love the one of the mama and the little girl feeding the geese.
my kitchen table,as i told you in a previous post this never stays the same very long at all! ;)

my new tassel from the nesting place. i love the green bead at the top. little cupboard in the corner.....
and cully keeping one eye on me at all times,while being a little bum!
have a great day everyone. it's a nice one!

Monday, June 9, 2008

my flag banner

that i cut the day the artsy chicks met out at vic's. accu-cut dies were used. such fun. i finally got it done and hanging up in my scrap room. this is for dear liv who wanted to know where i was going to put this frame that i did. well, it's just setting on top of the computer desk in my room liv. nothing special....
what would a post on my blog be without at least one photo of my sweet pea hmmm?
have a nice day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

is there anything that compares

to the sweet innocence of a baby child? hmmmm i think not. i can not get over the overwhelming sense of love i have for this little girl! for that matter i don't want to but, i need to try and get my emotions in check as you will see in the following couple of photos. she just kept smiling at me and cooing and of course big baby me started crying.jill was taking pictures with my camera and i wasn't even aware that she was.

look at her,my little dolly! and look at her big baby,red faced gram! yikes!!

getting it under control here,i think....always questionable tho!lol!

yep it's under control now! wow i'm sure you all are thinking,what a big baby right?!( and not kaylie either);)

just as you are coming into dunlap this is in a field not far from the road! why it's there i don't know but, it's so cute i thought i would share it with you.

have a nice sunday!

Friday, June 6, 2008

tomorrow we are going to see

our little sweet pea and of course jill&jim too! ;) the kid's are having problems with the washer and dryer so bud's going to see if he can figure out and fix what is wrong. hopefully not too much. cause you know how much laundry you can accumulate with a baby! lots and lots! i saw this little sun suit when i was out shopping and well i had to get it for kaylie. i thought it was pretty cute and she will look darling in it,of course!:) this little frame is one i got from vic the day the artsy girls got together at her house and so i re-did it and this is what i came up with....
not much else going on,a break in the rainy stormy weather today so i'm hanging out bedding to dry! love that!
have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

all my flowers

are just loving this warm and humid weather we have been having. seems like almost every night we are to have storms so we drag all the potted plants
into the garage for their safety!
several years ago i had a package of wildflower seed and i put/tossed it out back in the garden area. nothing seemed to come up and between the wind,birds,squirrels and the never ending parade of rabbits,i figured they hauled all the seeds away. well, i guess not because this year i have a ton of these little white daisies! love it! glad i went out early yesterday and cut some cause they are kind of flat after last nights round of storms. my poor peonies are pretty flat this morning. ;( guess i better enjoy them cause it sounds like another round of bad weather is in store for us tonight! hopefully not,and it wasn't bad here last night at all in comparison to other places in the area. we were lucky....
enjoy the day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

this huge bridal

wreath bush is on the east side of jill&jim's house. it is so pretty right now. it reminds me of the one my mom has at her house. the house is in town b-t-w but, there is alot of space between the homes. it helps that the kid's place is on the corner too. lots of space for my sweet pea to play... my peonies are blooming like crazy. so fragrant and pretty. hope they stay that way...they are saying heavy rain and thunder storms for today so you know they will be flat to the ground if that happens.
i think my little buddy,cully, is in much need of a hair cut don't you? they can't get him in until next monday so he will have hair hanging in his eyes for a few days yet....he doesn't seem to care.... ;)
have a nice day!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

we went over to see

jill and kaylie on saturday. jim had to work so we didn't get to visit with him. it was such a beautiful day outside. anyway, i looked over at kaylie after my initial hugging and smooching her sweet little cheeks,of course, and this is what i saw.....she had discovered her thumb,i don't think her momma liked that too much but, what can you do? she really doesn't care for her pacifier and can't keep it in her mouth anyway.... she is so alert and cute,of course. this shot just cracks me up cause it looks as tho she was turning to see where i was going, hey maybe she was?! lol!
love this of jill and kaylie. jill just dotes on her little baby and i think kaylie likes her momma too. so sweet....
this is the front of the kid's house. it really has a nice yard for kaylie to play in when she is older. lots of nice bushes and tress for shade.the house is very roomy lots of cupboards and closets for storage and i would love to have all the room they have in the bedrooms. the people that own it painted every room,love the smell of a freshly painted room.
have a nice evening!