Saturday, June 30, 2007

we are having a nice quiet weekend. bud has been working out on his "project" pretty much all day. he finally came in and said that he was waiting for the sun to go down a bit. slightly warm(hot) out there today. i don't blame him!
I have been working down here in my room trying to organize and re-arrange a bit. seems like everyone is in that frame of mind lately so i thought i should jump on the band wagon too! i've had this cabinet for a long time and it's had lots of different uses but, now it's in my room so i thought it needed a bit of a pick me up so i attached some old lace across the top. i thought it added a little charm to the cabinet. i also hung an old skeleton key on the white knob, after i took the picture of course!;( on one of my trips up home i got this white crate and it's just been collecting dust so i thought it could use a pick me up. love these jenni bowlin papers. cully "helped" me put the rik-rac on! he was very helpful!lol!

some of my favorites wrapped @ the old spools...

my wall of d's....the white one looks a little wonky huh? sorry 'bout that....
have a nice evening!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

been thinking alot about my dad this week, as it has been thirteen years ago (this week) that he passed away. i have been wanting to take a photo of the bracelet and heart he made for my gram while he was away in the navy during wwII. sorry about the blurry photo.the bracelet is made out of old coins from australia . i really think i should get some silver polish on that so i can see the writing better! :) not sure what the heart is made out of,some type of acrylic? did they have acrylic back then?? hmmm i guess i should try and find out! this sweet lamp sat on my gram's dressing table in her bedroom. she gave it to me along with the heart and bracelet probably when i was 11 or 12. i only plug this in for a very short time as i don't know if i could ever find or want to find a replacement bulb. this picture doesn't do it justice at all but, at least you get the idea. the flowers light up pink irl, not this orangey color. every time we(parents) moved i carried this with me wrapped up in a towel. and when i got older and was on my own and married, same thing! when we moved here it was very well protected in the car with me and not in the truck with our other stuff! it would break my heart if something ever happened.ok, sorry i get so sentimental(sappy) sometimes! :)
cully is checking things out! what a character. love this little guy, he is so cute and good for several laughs a day!

we put our little lights up tonight. love how they look!

have a nice evening!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

warm and humid weather,again today. i went out and watered my flowers early. poor things looked so droopy! i guess i'll just stay in and do some things around the house. it's not so nice out there!;( i feel for all the people who work out in this.... esp. my poor hubby.... i put these old buttons around the candle and liked the way they look.
yesterday while we were shopping in bf2 i got enough paper to cover the back of this cabinet in the family room. i have been wanting to either find some vintage wallpaper or scrapbook pp that i thought would look ok.i didn't have any luck finding wallpaper so, i found this black and cream toile patterned pp and put it up this morning. i love the way it turned out. the back of it had a knockout piece in it so you could use the cabinet for a tv but, we didn't buy it for that soo.... it looks much better with the paper on it.covers up the knockout lines.yeah!
have a nice day! stay cool....:)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

what a fun day today! on our way to meet vic's sweet sis jan, for her birthday, we took a gravel road or two and saw these flowers blooming every where in the ditches. very pretty, huh? this wonderful country church could be seen from the highway so we turned off and got out of the car and snapped a few pics! two dogs came out to great us! i just love how this pristine white church looks against the blue,blue sky! pretty cool i think....
well, it was dear jan's birthday and who gets gifts too? vic and i! these sweet little birds. love them. jan had them all"wrapped" in this glittery star box. i hit the jackpot in so many ways when i met vic and her wonderful family! her sis jan is so special, as vic is.i'm so thankful for them and that vic will share jan with me!

the special birthday girl! we had a great lunch at mazatlan's and then it was off to ben franklin 2 for some much "needed" scrapbook shopping! such a fun day!

just wanted to share my good buy from sunday. i got these paprika colored placemats and cushions on sale. i love how they look on the black wrought iron table and chairs. it's way to hot to sit out these tonight tho! whew! it's toasty! have a nice evening!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

what a pretty day today! we had our morning coffee out in our "gazebo" and it was so peaceful and nice to listen to the morning sounds. after bud trimmed some of the bushes in the front of the house we decided to head to super target. love that place! i can always find something there that i "need"! we did get some cushions for the patio chairs and some funky lights for under the gazebo roof.
we went to the upstream brewery for lunch. it was so good! i had the swordfish ,which had a avocado and salsa topping on it! yummy! bud of course had the pot roast. thank goodness they had "man food" on the menu for lunch! i know he was worried about that! ;) this is what you see as you are driving up the hill to the upstream. the flowers were beautiful, sure wish i could get mine to look like that! this is the entrance, it is such a cool place! thanks to jill(dd) we tried this out! she gave us a gift certificate to here for christmas no less. finally we used it. she will be happy to hear that! we also took home a couple loaves of their bread. it smells wonderful and i'm sure it tastes that way too! thanks jill for the great gift!

yesterday i "had" to go to one of my favorite little places here in town and found this cute jar. i haven't seen one quite like it before, so that made me happy! i put it in the bathroom with good smelling soaps inside.

i also got this berry spoon! my s-i-l elaine always had these at family get-togethers and i remember thinking i should look for some. she has all different patterns in her collection. she uses them all the time. they are just perfect for serving, well, berries of course and lots of other things too!

have a nice evening!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

the first day of summer and the longest day of the year has arrived! it's pretty hot and humid today and not very inviting outside and so i thought i would start decorating the house for the 4th of july. i have lots of americana items as my whole family room used to be that theme. now i just have very few "flag" pieces out all the time. anyway, these williraye figurines are out on the bookcase all the time. this little crock and black wool runner are from a cute little place that is only open before certain holidays.

i also got this quilt "watermelon 1884" runner at the little house shop

this star tin is always out on my great-grandmother's table, the quilt runner is from the very sweet sister in law of my sis terri. thanks again, rose.

i re-did the frame around this flag picture that i got from a couple from missouri a few years back. it was a brick red frame and i stained black over the top. you can see red thru the black stain but, not so much now. before it really clashed with my red family room walls. it looks better now i think.

this is just a fun little chalk board i got at one of the local antique stores and the train engine is one that jarrod(ds) found in an old house he helped tear down here in town. i have these out all the time.

i guess i really didn't get out to much today did i? maybe more tomorrow. have a nice evening.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i received an e-mail from my niece,blayne, saying that she would be home this friday night. i'm so glad that i will be able to see her soon! i'm sure my sister terri and her husband bob are very glad too! it's been at least a year and a half since i've seen blayne so i can't wait to give her a big hug! i have missed her so much. she is like another daughter to me :). love this "baby" girl!! another good thing happened to me today....our doorbell rang this afternoon and there was vic with this lovely "bokay" of sunflowers for me!! just because....isn't that sweet? a very nice rak. certainly made me smile! thanks so much vic! you are a dear friend !

Monday, June 18, 2007

while i was at my mom's this weekend my new kitchen clock arrived! yeah! i love it! bud got it hung up for me right away and it makes me happy, this little vignette! we have such limited and i mean limited wall space in our kitchen so i have been waiting for quite awhile to find just the right thing for the space! this is it for me! ;)
ok i'm (very) partial but, isn't my nephew,logan, just the cutest kid? he's 15 and such a nice young man. his auntie loves him very much! my mom's flowers were just gorgeous when i was there. i must find one of these hydrangea plants. when they are green they are pretty and then they turn white and well, they are just beautiful!

this petunia that my brother dan gave mom for mother's day is very pretty right now and it smells so good! it was a fun weekend. it was my hometown's celebration, so i got to see and visit with alot of old friends. the weather was pretty good. a little warm on saturday afternoon but, still it was nice. i so do miss the closeness of small town life, i'm not much of a big city girl, at all...

we have been here ten years now and i still miss our little town...... oh well, i better get busy and do some cleaning. have a nice day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

today is flag day. a day for all americans to show respect for our flag,it's designer's and makers. we always fly this flag in our yard.everyday..... these will stay by the front door the rest of the summer.

i love to put these little flag's in my flower pots.just adds a nice touch i think.
looky what my sweet friend vic brought me back from the scrapper's convention! these yummy daisy d's papers....

and this tim holtz scalloped border stamp and a fontwerk's ticking stamp! she is so kind to think of me when she is such a busy girl! she is the bestest friend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

it rained pretty much all day long and we had some thunder also. cully is checking out the situation outside. we needed the rain but, i hope it's done now.
my flowers are loving this hot and humid weather.
yep, it's still raining, can you tell i'm just a bit bored?lol!

and more rain......

have a nice evening!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

our baby, cully went to the doggie hairdresser yesterday. he just loves to go and have a bath and is really a good boy while he is there. i have never seen a dog that likes to have a bath more than this little guy. he is too funny. one night i couldn't find him and asked bud, "where's cully"? hmm he didn't know, so i started seriously looking around the house and found him just sitting inside the shower!! what a little character.

after i got my hair cut today i went to check out this new little shop here in town. they specialize in purses but, have some jewelry,antiques and craft items. cute little place. i hope it makes it. this town needs shops like that. the shopping here is not the best. better than where we used to live but, still not so great....oh well, saves money i guess! lol! this is the purse and little makeup bag i got. i could have done some serious damage but, i restrained myself!;) for now, that is! ha!
have a nice evening!

Monday, June 11, 2007

quite awhile back vic & i got these lights at pier 1 imports. of course she has had hers decorated very cool for a long time now. i just got around to doing this much today! a few martha stewart butterflies, and my prisms from the other day and the glittery stars. i just used stuff i already had in my ever growing stash! i think i have buying goodie issues! ;) just a different side of the light....

also i worked on my mason/house book. i know it's hard to see but, i "painted the house " with ,lil davis metallic shades "pearl" paint. there are flowers under the vintage lace also. someday i hope to get a better camera so things show up better. ahhh, someday.....

have a nice evening!