Tuesday, August 28, 2007

last tuesday my mom had such a nice surprise while she was at work. her cousin dave came into the cafe where mom works and they were both surprised! dave didn't know mom worked at the b&l and mom didn't know dave was in town!! surprise!! after mom got off work dave went to the house and they spent the afternoon reminiscing and getting caught up. they hadn't seen each other since aunt laura's funeral and so they had lots to catch up on! later in the afternoon, they went downtown to the grocery store so dave could have a quick visit with george, who worked for uncle charlie(dave's dad) for 9 years in his market.

dave looks great and well they all do. i hope to so lucky!;) hard to believe, dave is 65 and i feel like it was just yesterday when we were out at van's having LOTS of fun, dancing around the livingroom to pat boone & chubby checker! jolene's( daves' sis) favorites playing on the stereo. me on the livingroom floor coloring and dave laying on the floor a few feet away, napping, like most teenager's when they had free time. ahhh memories! so glad for my mom that she & dave had alot of time to spend together.
have a nice day!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

today has been such a beautiful day!! nice enough to shut the a.c. off and open up the windows and doors to let in some fresh air! it has been so hot & humid for so long, so this was a nice break. i'm afraid the old ac will have to go back on tho as the upstairs is getting quite warm and will be to warm to get a good night's sleep, at least for me anyway, with this cold hanging on. ;( since it was so nice this morning, i went out and cut a bunch of hydrangeas to dry. i planted this particular bush ten years ago when we moved here and this year it has produced the most blooms ever. they are just starting to turn pink. i guess you really can't see it in the photo tho...
after that, we went for our saturday errand run and drive in bud's jeep. love to do that. so as we are driving along i asked bud to stop so i could take some pictures of this beautiful little church in the downtown area. i have always loved how this church looks with it's beautifully manicured lawn, with the pretty iron gate surrounding it and ahhh the pretty red doors. all the sets of doors on this church are red and it has dark green awnings over the windows.

i just love the way this church seems to draw you & welcome you in....
have a nice evening.

Friday, August 24, 2007

went to my very least favorite place today,w-m, yuk anyway, they had the prettiest mums there. this burgundy that i bought and yellows and rusts. they are really nice big plants. it's that time of year already! wow, where did the summer go? cully is soo nosey and had to check/sniff this plant over good. needless to say he decided he didn't like the smell i guess and pretty much walked away from it right after he inspected it!

have a nice evening!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

i can't believe it's been over a week since i was here...time flies and not much has been going on around here other than both bud & i have caught summer colds! bleech! not so much fun...
i did have a bright spot today tho and was thrilled when maggie, our mail carrier dropped off this lovely door "ornament"! i got it from e-bay and it is so pretty, i'm thrilled! sue does lovely work doesn't she? been working on family genealogy stuff again. i have been at this for so many years now. at least twenty i would guess. i do really enjoy it.

my dad's side of the family is a bit of a puzzle and some on mom's too but, not as much because i had my dear gram to fill in the blanks for me before she passed away.i just keep plugging away at it. hopefully someday i'll have all the blanks filled in.

have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i have decided that dogs are somewhat like kids at birthday's or christmas time...see this basket full of toys? well, my little cully would rather play with a cardboard box! or a plastic soda bottle! everytime he sees a box he gets very excited and tries to run off with and of course rip it apart!here he is looking guilty and very cute!

and here is is at work/playing! what a hoot! not unlike a child when they are small and would rather play with the wrapping paper or bows! that is until they get a little older! ;) then it's all about the actual gifts!!
have a nice day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

i made this pom-pom garland yesterday! i was so inspired by andrea over at velvetstrawberries.typepad.com. i placed an order with her from her new shop and this is what i came up with. i had the silver glittery star and the french hanger and the gold locket. also the bird tag made by my pal vic and the little white bucket. it was fun to do. love the touch of whimsy it adds to my dull gray walls. i want to paint them so badly but, can't decide on a paint color. it would have to be something that bud would be ok with too. it's my space but, yet it's his house too. well, you know what i mean right? ;)

such a humid hot day again today. yuk, i must say i could do without all the humidity, i can handle the warm weather but that humidity gets me! i don't know how my family down south handles this all the time! you are braver than me that's for sure!
have a nice day and stay cool!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

whew it's been so hot & humid here you can't even enjoy being outside! ;( bud & I did go out this morning early,9 a.m. to do errands. we took his jeep, which has the top and windows out/off and it was nice and cool. after going to the local farmer's market to get tomatoes, cucumbers and a watermelon we stopped and got a couple of boxes so i could clean out my scraproom. waaay too much stuff that i will never use so it's going to the goodwill. the box is full and really heavy and i have two sacks of garbage, so far! feels good to have some stuff cleaned out. i figured, i might as well since it so hot outside. just like winter time really! Ha ! i'd take this anyday before cold and ice tho...

i recovered one bulletin board with the fabric i bought a few weeks back. looks much better.
just moving some stuff around the house too. my italian table cloth on the dinning room table. i just had it hanging on the door of the cupboard in the family room and thought that i should maybe display it better. i tried ironing it but, it still looks kinda bad with the fold lines in it but, i didn't want to get the iron too hot and ruin it either. oh well.....

also the little redwork towel i got, on the kitchen counter.

what have you been doing to keep busy with the hot weather?
have a nice evening! i'm back to cleaning out more stuff!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

i went out to take photos of the pretty fluffy very white clouds and look what happened!!it is soo humid out that my camera lens fogged over!! now that's humid! anyway, i kinda think the pictures look cool fogged over.....hmmmm that's just me....

not much going on. doing some re-vamping of my vignette's in the house. moving stuff around. i love to do that. i always have....never satisfied i guess or maybe it's just always a work in progress to me! i like the sounds of that better. ;)
have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

cully says,"what, raining again??" usually we are outside in the morning so cully can explore and play and i work on my "tan". not this week so far, poor cully! sooo since it's raining and in an effort to keep some what busy i have been doing some cleaning with my new mrs.meyer's cleaning products. wow they smell so good(lavender) and i feel like i'm actually doing something constructive!! ;)

yes, i'm being a bad girl and shopping!! i won this sweet red transfer ware jar off of eBay! love it! AND, best of all my order from "100 wishes" came today and it's great! andrea's presentation of the items is wonderful! she even sent a personal note that she wrote herself!! look how she tagged all the stuff and the ribbon she tied them with along with a m-o-p button!

this cone has old ledger paper around it and the goodies are inside the pink tissue. sweet! it's fun to be "bad" sometimes you know?!

have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

we have been having rainy,warm days here so this is kinda how i'm feeling! ha! i woke up this morning and looked out the patio door and there was one of my flowers just lying there,saying enough already! lol! i'm thankful for the rain but, i wish it would just rain at night! that's asking alot isn't it?! i better get busy and decide what we are having for supper cause at this rate it might take me awhile!
have a nice evening!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

what a hazy,lazy,humid summer day.....we just hung out around the house all day....i tried to enjoy the morning by having coffee out under the gazebo but, one cup out there was enough! whew it was not to pleasant! i think cully was a little bored with it all! he just had a bath and that made his day! he loves to take a bath!
not much going on so have a nice evening!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

just wanted to show you our new cellular blinds/shades.we had ivory colored blinds with the draw string cords. well, the middle blind cord broke so, my sweet hubby said why don't we just get new shades that go up and down with one finger? we have one in the kitchen too. anyway, i love the new shades,i ordered an antique linen color. they seem to warm the whole room up!
hope you are having a nice weekend! we are having a quiet, very warm weather weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2007

sorry these two pictures are so blurry, hmm don't know why for sure? anyway, they are images in the sweet little book i got yesterday. it's such a darling book!
my dear friends vic & jan gave me these silver vintage looking salt & pepper shakers, just because....rak....they are so thoughtful.i love them, thanks girls,love ya!

here's my little cully exploring this morning as he does every morning while i try and get some sun/color on my pasty white arms and legs! no swim suit, shorts and a tank top are bad enough!lol!;)
not so bad with the fan, the radio and a good book! i usually go out early enough that it is easier to stand the warm sun, oh and the fan helps too, of course!

have a nice evening!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

i can only stay home so long and then i must venture out and check out my favorite "treasure" shop! ;) today i didn't have much time because i no more than got there and my phone rang and it was bud wanting me to go to lunch with him, and of course i don't like to pass that up so this is all i found as i dashed around! this sweet book called "cherry tree children". i can't wait to read it it looks very cute. and this little autograph book which is just like the one my dad had. only his was full of autographs and this one is empty....kinda sad in a way... i have always loved brown transfer ware and now i have a couple of red pieces too. the are so pretty. i think i will hang them in the bedroom, next to the mirror on the dresser.
if you get a chance you should check out this onehundredwishes.com on line shop. she has some great stuff! i can't wait to get my order from her! have a nice day!

edit: sorry that on line shop is: www.one hundredwishes.typepad.com