Thursday, July 2, 2009

more photos of our family room

the mantel is always hard for me for some reason. i kinda like this look,but, then i have a tendency to like a really"different" look. or maybe it isn't?? i didn't want to put these photos away so i cleaned off a shelf on the book case for them.....

my heart just melts when i look at her anyway but, this picture her mama sent this morning really sends me"over the edge" into a big puddle. in case you didn't understand the ramblings of a gramma,i'm head over heels in love with my darling grand baby, is what it meant!;) lol!

have a nice day!!

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Vicki C said...

Love it Deb... looks great! I had to laugh.. I clicked on it to see it larger and I see Cully all comfy in the couch. lol
SHE IS JUST DARLING in that last photo!!! What a sweetie face. I can totally see why you are so smittend with her.