Monday, June 29, 2009

i guess i have been kinda

absent from my blog lately.hmmm things just get busy and by the time i think about blogging i usually am ready to hit the hay. anyway, just wanted to share some photos from over the weekend. here's my little bathing beauty after i brought her home yesterday. her mama&daddy got her the cutest swimming pool and she didn't even want to get in but she did get a few splashes her way! ;) here she is yesterday morning in her darling frilly little sundress.....
i love this sweet little face.....everytime i asked her if she was my girl or princess or sweet pea she would shake her head yes. not sure if she knew what i was saying but, i will take it that she did! ;)

a very short still minute saturday afternoon. she loves to be outside......

in her favorite spot on Saturday morning,by the window,isn't she adorable? :)

and for mr.c,the "non-believer" of the topsy-turvy,here you go and there are 4 more just like this one on the vine! i can taste the b-l-ts already!! ;)

have a nice evening!

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Vicki C said...

SHE is totally adorable!!!
and .. I will be showing mr C this post! lol