Monday, June 22, 2009

what a great weekend

fun,family& friends!!! i even got to see this sweet face via my cell phone! her mama must have known i was missing her.... ;) got to see my sweet sissy,for a short visit. glad my little sweetie, blayne decided to
run the 5k race saturday morning in rr!that way we got to see them both but,missed seeing my sweet b-i-law bob tho....blayne did well in the race. look at her,she always has a smile for her auntie with the camera! she has it all figured out,even after running and it was hot, she smiled for me! love that! thanks honey,for "getting it"!

lots of memories this weekend too. had to drive by and take a photo of uncle charlie's barn.i always thought this was such a cool barn. it's in much need of paint these days, unfortunately, but you can still read the "vans" and that is part of the charm.

i was so happy to see dave& jo. so was my mom. lots of good and fun memories with these two and their folks. :) we had a nice visit with them at mom's house saturday afternoon. they look great don't they?

such a fun time. i'm tired today but, it's a good tired you know? loved the whole weekend!
have a nice day!

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Vicki C said...

SO glad you had such a nice weekend! I saw that you called..but didnt notice until 9:45.. so hesitated to call back. We'll chat tomorrow AM.
I'm working late again.. obviously.. so I'll call you when I drag my lazy butt out of bed. lol