Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a mish mash post

today....i painted this basket and put these flowers that i have had for several years in them and hung them on the front door. getting ready for the 4th of july,i used to have americana all over my family room and when i changed things out i hung on to some faves,so i could decorate for the 4th. glad i did! my mom made this little dress for me a(very)long time ago and it had chocolate ice cream all over it and she was not able to get it out. so it got packed away stains and all. well, the other day i was thinking how i would love to have my sweet pea's picture taken in this dress too and put both our photos in a frame together so i hauled the dress out of the cedar chest.i talked to my neighbor lady about the stain and she said try oxy clean and hot water,soak the dress over night as she had a similar experience with a coffee stained tablecloth that had belonged to her mother.

i thought why not,not really thinking the stains would come out but, they did!!!! i'm so pleased i can go on with my plan of kaylie in this dress! i can't wait....

these petunia's smell wonderful and come back every year even after we put plastic and rock down! the lady that lived here before us planted them!! that has been 12 years ago! amazing...

my tomato plant is growing and blooming like crazy in the topsy-turvy! vic, if you read this show it to your "non-believer"!!! ;)

told you this was gonna be a mish-mash post!
have a nice day!

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Vicki C said...

LOVE that little dress!!
I WILL share with the non believer! And I'll be sure to tell him when YOU guys are eating yummy BLT's!!